We design and manufacture engineered gaskets and custom parts made of elastomers, liquid silicone rubber and thermoplastic materials.

For over 30 years we have been meeting the needs of the national and international market. We offer competence-based solutions: we suggest the proper raw material in case the customer does not know it, design and manufacture the equipment in-house, and produce the finished product.
Our core business is custom parts according to customer’s drawing or specifications, infact the 90% of our turnover comes from special parts.
We both sell to end users and distributors, mostly in Italy (30%) and export (70%).
The transformation of every component meets the specific requirements of the item.
We offer different solution based on the application field.
We find the most suitable material thanks to the knowledge gained in over 30 years of experience and available in our database.
We transform homologated and homologable elastomers according to the national and international standards, as well as  LSR and thermoplastic components.
Our technical department equipped with the most modern CAM / CAD design systems,  is able to support our clients for various needs:
– co-design from the initial idea to design
– analysis of the material by FT.IR
– reverse engineering from samples to technical drawing and finished product 

The domestic tooling workshop is a valuable feature of our company because we can offer moulds at very competitive costs as well as supporting with the immediate mantenence.
In terms of quantity, we respond to every request: from small production batches to large series.
Each department of our company is supported by an important computerization intervention: each activity is managed and tracked precisely on special applications ensuring quality, precision, streamlining of processes, compliance with customer requirements and 100% traceability.
The reserved area on our website allows the customer to consult their orders, invoices, download certificates of conformity and much more.


Tecnica Gasket’s quality system is internationally recognized and certified according to: - ISO 9001-2015: It guarantees the quality of the end-product and the traceability of the entire production process, from the raw material batch to the delivery one - IATF 16949-2016: Key certification in the automotive industry - ISO 14001-2015: It sets out the criteria for an environmental management system - ISO 45001-2018: It sets out the criteria for workplace safety
Our core business are custom engineered gaskets They are special products, resulting from the knowledge and the day-to-day commitment and know-how of our team. We provide our clients with all necessary support for both the project and development of their products, we supply customized solutions for each application.
Applications of our engineered gasket can be found in different markets such as: Automotive HVAC Health care Electrics and electronics Household Appliances Valves and fittings Food and Beverage Gardening and irrigations Pneumatics Packaging Sanitary Control and measurement instruments Lighting Industrial components Nautical industry Fire Industry Swimming pool Hydraulics Aerospace
We sell both to end users and distributors belonging to the various sectos and relative applications: our range of products is used everywhere.
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