Glass factory that operates in the flat and marble glass sector producing glass for building, interior design, lighting, furnishing with high tech plants dedicated to tempered glass and laminated glass with new technologies for a perfect state of the art finished product.

It is fully specialised in export thanks to its know-how in packaging that is tested in no breakages during shipping to the customer destination.

It operates with the logo www.MARMOLITE.IT

Founded in 2001, during the years the company reached a high knowledge of glass market and glass processing that made it a leader factory in tempered and laminated glass in Italy.

Its main products are:

  • anti-collapsing glasses designed for parapets and bulletproof glass with a reduced thickness; glasses of 15mm made of this technology can resist a normal glass of 40 mm.
  • tables made of glass and marble with a large range of colours, patterns and textures.
  • parapets made of glass equipped with metal gears for installation.
  • glass shower enclosures completely customised with accessories

In 2021, believing in a high boost of economy, the company installed three powerful laminating glass lines with vacuum technology that can allow to reach and satisfy every kind of request and market all over the world.

Thanks to these new plants the company has increased the export sells and reached new markets in the world.

the main countries served are: USA (for largest part of export), East and South Africa, almost all Europe.

We are recognised as the one who have industrialised the craftsmanship.

company and products

we have product certification necessary to sell worldwide referring to tests in laboratories accredited by Government
expert employees, quick answers to customer’s request or necessity, customised products. we are recognised as the one who has industrialised the craftsmanship. Every unit sold is hand made even with large quantities.
USA in the East coast in high quality furnishing sellers, almost all Europe, East and South Africa.
High quality buildings, interiors and exteriors.
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