Stileurbano designs and produces playground structures to make them more fun, attractive and challenging. It deals with the play area in a complete vision, from urban furniture to sports facilities, from flooring to signage. Stileurbano do the best to make parks really inclusive, where possible, and is committed to using recycled or recyclable material.

Children first of all

“CHILD INSIDE” is the motto of Stileurbano.

It means having children at heart and also be a little bit of a child inside.

In order to do this, a particular sensitivity towards the “little ones” is needed, from design to maintenance. Having to do with children, in facts, is a privilege to be repaid with the care that is due to the most precious things.

Customized and Certified design

The Stileurbano structures are designed and certified according to the stringent European regulations. the strength that distinguishes Stileurbano is the ability to follow the customer in the customization of their playground, even creating individual customized structures, of course according to EN1176. Milan is the capital of design and we breathe this air of innovation and creativity.

Accessibility and inclusiveness, our point of reference

Designing for everyone means thinking about them things once and for all, without having to make changes later. It means having all of them as a reference possible users, but not necessarily what you plan will be fine for everyone. This is important for not falling into the abstract design.

Inclusivity means making the i interact with each other children and a public park must have this target. Gambling is the most inclusive human activity. Unfortunately, we  often see exclusive structures for children with disabilities or even come made “parks for the disabled”. In this way children are excluded and segregated respect to the

other children. We do not want to hide the disability, but highlight that first of all a baby … it’s a baby!

Quality of materials and sustainability

Stileurbano produces structures in aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized and powder coated. the panels are in HDPE (high density polyethylene). all nuts and bolts are in stainless steel and every detail is designed to last over time, to achieve (almost) zero maintenance.

As for recycled materials, we use recycled plastic mixed with rice husk, from which a rigid and durable material is obtained. HDPE panels can also have a black recycled plastic core, resulting in a 70% recycled material.

Tested production

Playing is a serious thing for us. When we realize a structure first of all we test it in person, because we want to be sure children have fun really how we do it!

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Yes, our products are certified EN1176. For the customized product we provide a declaration of conformity, but if customer asks also for a Certification, we provide it
Stileurbano designs starting from its direct client, the child: playground items must therefore be safe, attractive and create fun together with growth
At the moment Stileurbano is concentrated in Italy and Switzerland (we are very young!)
We work directly with design studio (architect, engineer…), municipality, resort, restaurant, youth centres
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