Dixpari is a brand of exclusive luxury design objects created to decorate in a unique way your interiors. All the products of the Dixpari collections are unique pieces that spread a soft light full of reflections. Dixpari lamps are not meant to just enlighten spaces but are conceived to decorate with a high level of personalization and exclusivity every high end indoor space, private and residential or hôtellerie related, creating an emotional response.

Dixpari lamps belong to a numbered collection where every piece is different from one another, and it is sold with a certificate of authenticity. Specifically tailored items can also be defined and provided if required by the project. Every item is manufactured with superior craftsmanship where the attention to detail is key. These objects perfectly fit in every kind of décor, classic, modern or contemporary as it is meant to be a one-of-a-kind piece for exclusivity purposes.

The company philosophy is to offer a different kind of proposal to customers and differentiate from the standardized products that can be found everywhere. Also, the material used in the manufacturing process comes from regenerated thermoplastics only, which means that the company has a positive green footprint in the market, that is a currently main prerogative for all Italian designers. The main company works in the industrial furniture field since 1967 while the Dixpari division was launched at SalonedelMobile.Milano Euroluce 2017. The company is a family run business situated in the north of Italy, in Genova.

The current offer includes 3 collections: the Alone Collection, our table lamp model, the Macramè Collection, our applique model and the Miage Collection, a specific wall covering enlighted system designed on a project-base only.

The Alone Collection is Dixpari Signature and interprets the brand creativity at its highest level. Every piece varies significantly in terms of dimensions, shapes, colors, nuances, and reflections and for this reason every piece has a different name according to the feelings it communicates. We are always eager to help our customers in discovering and orientating through our products and looking forward to giving advice in an active way, even organizing dedicated on site days to test different choice alternatives, if appreciated.

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03 Lookbook Macramè Collection

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CasaClima Gold Nature for the environment, ISO9001 for quality
For the Dixpari divisions the most important features are: only 100% Made in Italy products, only unique products, numbered collections, care for the environment
Furniture, high end design market in Italy and Europe
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