SINTHESI, a 100% Italian company, was founded in 1994 as a company that designs, produces and sells hardware and software products for HOME & BUILDING AUTOMATION.

During its history Sinthesi has never modified its philosophy aimed at commercialize only products designed, developed and produced directly by Sinthesi, completely MADE IN ITALY.

SINTHESI is today the leader Italian company in the field of Home and Building Automation, with over 10,000 plants built in Italy and in the world in over 25 years of activity, whose primary objective has always been to develop products in step with technological evolution, offering designers, installers and system integrators products and systems for automation with market-leading performance at the global level. With this spirit Sinthesi has created ‘PICnet’, the system for building automation applications with the most advanced performances at global level.

Sinthesi was among the first Building Automation companies whose Quality System was certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard by the CSICERT Italia certification body.

PICnet allows to integrate under a single system any type of user: lighting, technological systems, temperature control, energy saving, access control, automation of doors and windows, call systems, etc. The success of this system has confirmed the validity of the innovative choices introduced in an emerging sector and has been the recognition of the effort produced in recent years for the continuous improvement of the system’s performance and reliability.

Sinthesi PICnet systems are used in many different sectors:

  • Hotel Automation – The PICnet system allows the integrated management of hotels of any type, from large luxury hotels and resorts to small remote hotels. PICnet represents the most complete and flexible solution for the control of the hotel rooms and the entire structure.
  • Building Automation – Sinthesi PICnet is the most advanced, complete, powerful and flexible system for any professional Building Automation application, with top performances at global level. Thanks to the completeness and width of its product range, Sinthesi PICnet represents the professional answer for any required functionality in any application area.
  • Home Automation – Sinthesi PICnet is the most advanced and flexible home automation system for professional luxury and high level home automation applications. Thanks to PICnet it is possible to implement the most complex home automation functionalities and manage all the functions of your home.


Sinthesi PICnet – Generale Catalogue
Sinthesi PICnet – Hotel Automation
Sinthesi PICnet – Product Catalogue 2022

Sinthesi was among the first Building Automation companies certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality standard and all Sinthesi PICnet products are CE certified and compliant with international regulations.
Sinthesi designs, develops and manufactures all PICnet products, top quality hardware and software, 100% Made in Italy. We have the complete know-how of our solutions and realized more than 10,000 plants in over 25 years.
Sinthesi operates in 3 main sectors: hotel automation, building automation (industrial and tertiary sector) and luxury home and yacht automation. We operates mainly in European countries.
Hotel automation is one of our major sectors of diffusion, for this reason the best markets for our products are those with a high rate of growth in tourism and a good level of technological diffusion.
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