ShoWine was established in December 2010, with its head office in Porto Mantovano (MN).

ShoWine specialises in everything related to the conservation, storage and display of wine.

It also offers various solutions for displaying bottles and furnishing cellars. It designs and builds underground cellars, climate-controlled wine cellars (with glass walls), restores old cellars and redevelops spaces.
Design and construction of custom-made refrigerated display cases made entirely of glass

The history of our company is defined by the ambition to design and create elegant and high quality products, suitable to satisfy every particular customer need both in the domestic and commercial environment. Over the years, our experience and our vision have led us develop and select a wide range of products with solutions to preserve not only wines, but also cigars. High-tech components, elegant design and quality materials make Showine a refined selection and expression of the reliability and exclusivity of Italian manufacturing

ShoWine works with both the B2C and B2B markets. It serves private customers looking to add a cellar to their homes or furniture for the storage and display of wine bottles, but also restaurants, enotecas, wine bars and wineries.

ShoWine can guide you in choosing the solution that best suits your needs:

– supply of a professional system for temperature and humidity control, thereby guaranteeing optimal conditions for your wine bottles over time

– supply of refrigerated and multi-temperature display walls for sparkling wines, whites and reds wines

– furnishing accessories for your kitchen or living room, wine coolers with capacity from 30 to 300 bottles for easy access or for ageing

high quality materials and attention to detail
100% Made in Italy

Wine Frame


No we don't have certifications
Wide range of proposals, high quality materials and technology, design and attention to detail. Made in Italy 100% Custom made design and implementation
- Luxury residential private - Hotels - Restaurants
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