The Brand Rockolors results from the experience of the group of companies Gruppo Casavecchia, which has been operating for 60 years in stone extraction, production, sale of building materials, construction and urbanization works.

Rockolors S.r.l. operates in the production and sale of selected aggregates and construction materials.  But the real innovation is represented by the Brand giving name to the company: Rockolors – Motley Stones By Italian Design.

The innovative Brand, launched in May 2017, offers a very wide range in terms of dimensions, colors and types, boasting prestigious international certifications for outdoor and indoor applications.

A peerless collection of pigmented aggregates, designed to give added value to external and internal environments: Rockolors is an exclusive brand of colored furnishing stones, first of its kind worldwide for chromatic choice and versatility of use.

Rockolors colored stones are extremely versatile and suitable for unlimited decor solutions, both outdoor and indoor, thanks to the different laying techniques that can be applied: Garden, Flooring, Vertical Panelling, Urban, Interior Design and customized artwoks.

Just to mention some of the proposed laying techniques:

  • loose stones, for garden and urban design;
  • resin-bound or washed gravel for external floors and wall coverings;
  • colored stone mosaics for open-air masterpieces or interior design;
  • architectural gabions … and so on.

The collection includes gravels and pebbles of different sizes, in two distinct assortments based on the stone type of and color.

Our exclusive Rockolors Original range includes pigmented aggregates in different sizes, deriving from our gravel basins and quarries, available in all existing shades of the RAL color range.

The company manages the entire production chain of the colored stones, from their extraction, washing, coloring treatment, packaging and shipping (available in 25kg bags, Bigbags and bulk).

The range is further enriched by the Rockolors Natural collection, a wide assortment of natural-toned gravels and pebbles, coming from all over the world.

The primary mission of Rockolors is to enhance outdoors and indoors without limits of application, leaving the door open to new ideas.

Our Team is always committed to finding the best decor solutions, constantly working to adapt to the new market demands and to develop customized products meeting the customers’ needs.


Rockolors operates in line with the principles of sustainability, boasting international compliance certifications, including: ISO 14001 (CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), ISO 9001 (CERTIFIED QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), CE 0398 MARKING (factory production control on aggregates).
Rockolors Original is a customizable product, responding to the newest design trends. The wide range of gravels and pebbles, available in different sizes and colors, is highly versatile for both outdoors and indoors furnishing solutions.
Rockolors colored furnishing stones are available on the international market.
Rockolors colored stones have different commercial destinations, both B2B (general contractors, retailers, distributors, applicators, professional studios) and B2C.
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