Ro.Mar s.r.l. since 1978 it has always been an icon of quality in the stone industry, distinguished by the countless mosaics and works in marble, quartzite and granite. Located in San Cesario di Lecce (LE) – Italy, it was founded by Mr. Giuseppe Rollo. Over the years, the company has expanded thanks to the commitment of the founder’s children and is currently managed by Mr. Giancarlo Rollo in collaboration with his children who have inherited the passion and dedication to this work. We have been operating in the marble processing sector for more than 40 years, guaranteeing customers precision and attention to detail, striving to bring out the true virtue of the company, that is to completely satisfy our customers and be rewarded by their trust.

Our company offers multiple services, from the classic stone processing to the creation of models in composite or synthetic material.


  • 3D milling, using 7-axis CNC, of ​​all kinds on all types of materials, from wood to polyurethane, from marble to polystyrene;
  • 3d and or 2d scans (the company creates 3d models from photos);
  • design, mockup, prototyping, mass production;
  • structural calculations and resistance simulations;
  • centesimal surface finishes;
  • topographic measurement;
  • conservative restorations accredited by the archaeological superintendency;

sculptural manual finishes;

  • bonding, lamination and milling of composite materials for modeling and or for reinforcement, glass fibers, carbon fibers, kevlar fibers, coupled, honeycomb in aramidic or aluminum for structural lightening;
  • laser and waterjet cutting;
  • packaging suitable and certified for export to all continents;
  • certified surface treatments on stones.

The qualified staff is able to provide continuous assistance both in the design and installation phases, in close contact with local workers, with architects and engineers, with companies and various Italian and foreign companies. The company looks with confidence at the new technological applications, offering today the possibility of realizing every customer request. With an eye to the future, Ro.Mar is committed to expanding markets and perfecting its art in order to leave a mark of its commitment over time.

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The company is in the process of ISO certification (AUDIT).
Ro.Mar s.r.l is a company recognized by customers for the absolute quality of the materials used in the production of unique, exclusive and totally made in Italy products. Our job is to offer the customer the possibility to completely customize his project according to his needs and to achieve what he has always wanted. We are able to perform any type of machining and milling on a wide range of materials, such as marble, wood, polyurethane, polystyrene, composites, fiberglass, carbon and composite fibers. The strong point are our numerically controlled machines, among which a 7-axis robot stands out which is able to perform machining with a degree of precision of 1/10 of mm.
For over 40 years, we have been a point of reference for designers, architects and companies operating in the construction sector. The experience gained in the stone industry also allows us to be able to perform restorations of any kind. From public monuments to private works.
The products we make are suitable for both retail and wholesale. The industrialization of the various production processes allows us to be able to create large-scale design works, in large quantities and in a relatively short time.
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