Playcolour Design is a dynamic and enterprising Italian company, inserted for years in the world of art and interior design.

We specialize in the production of artistic glass door, standard or tailored that meets taste, personality, needs and functionality.

Our internal graphic-design studio develops the door signed Playcolour Design in a creative way for its environment through the wide range of graphics proposed by the company.

In addition, the customer con propose a decoration or a personal logo, signing at first person’s own product.

Customization is also guaranteed in size. For Playcolour Design there are no standard widths or heights: each door is different from the other and is made to customer’s specifications

The continuous study and research of images, makes us unique and always in line with the trends of the moment meeting the tastes of professionals and individuals.

Common feature of all doors is the quality of the glass, which ensures reliability
and durability. All Playcolour Design glass in fact undergo the
process of tempering and stratification to ensure maximum safety and resistance.

The attention to detail and the constant collaboration with the customer is the added value of our product.
The future goal is to consolidate the Italian market and expand the foreign market in addition to the countries already customers such as France, Switzerland and Austria.

Our product meets the needs of architectural firms and the contract sector with high-end aesthetic solutions that best satisfy an increasingly demanding and refined clientele .

In addition to the glass doors we realize shower enclosures, balustrades for stairs and terraces always in glass

Doors 2022
Double doors and walk-in wardrobe
Parapets and balaustrade Shower box

All our glasses are tempered according to UNI EN 12150.
Our specialization is the know-how acquired in the research and development of graphics always at the forefront, able to satisfy also the specific requests in addition to the proposals of our catalogue.
We are present in the Italian, French, Swiss and Austrian market
The typology of our clients is manifold and goes from architectural and design studios to the contract sector and from hotel structures to offices and individuals.
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