PintonFond is an Italian metal foundry that has garnered over 50 years of experience in metallurgical

foundry and specializes in metal manufacturing and casting.

We make custom-made architectural works, created in house and made in collaboration with the clients

and external artists.

We reproduce any pieces following customers drawings or cast copies.

We make a large variety of items in bronze, brass, copper, alluminium,  wrought iron, cast iron.

Our products range from staircases, balcony railings, banisters, garden furniture (tables, chairs, benches),

single or double outdoor wall lamps (with or without pole), brass fittings, handles , pots, door knockers,

mail boxes with flaps, umbrella stands, shelves, interior decorations, to bells and statues.

The bronze finishes are:

  • hot patination ,without the use of paints; the treatment is guaranteed against the oxidation that occurs over time.
  • 24 carat thick gold plated gilding.

Wrought iron finishes:

  • micaceous iron oxide coating
  • thermal treatment.

Our considerable experience in the fusion and knowledge in the composition and behaviour  of metals over a period of time, allows Pintonfond to perform restorations on any type of work in bronze or iron.

On completion of the project we can,  if required by the client,  provide  the installation.


One of our more memorable projects (because of its size and meaning) that we have carried out, must be the “Tree of Charity”.

In May 2000 we were approached and commissioned to create a work of art to represent the concept of “Charity”.

As the starting point we took a tree as the subject, precisely an “Ash tree”, synonymous of Charity.

The project started from the true reproduction of an actual ash tree, growing at Ameno, a very pleasant village on Lake Orta in northern Italy.

With the method of sand casting we were able to make a realistic hollow copy, which we then cast in a single pouring of bronze, of the dimension of over six metres long.

The assembly of the completed opera, weighing 2,000KG (including: branches, leaves and high-reliefs to the height of two metres), took place in the town of Turin.

The project was successfully carried out within a period of 3months, from the start date of the 17th of May 2000.

To complement our artistic foundry, we also operate in the  environmental sector. We deal with the

management of non-hazardous waste, including recovery, transport and disposal.

Pintonfond environmental services is able to recover, treat and dispose of all non-hazardous waste in

collaboration with specialized companies in the waste sector.

We operate throughout northern Italy according to the regulations in force for the correct disposal of

waste in respect to the environment.


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