Ombrellificio Elios was founded in 2015 in Campania, the Italian region where it is based. The Company Ombrellificio Elios deals with the production and marketing of products for the furnishing of beaches, swimming pools, gardens, outdoor areas and receptive structures such as hotels, restaurants and bar.

The Company’s first and natural business destination is the geographical area of southern Italy, where the furnishing of numerous beaches and famous hotels along the coast bears its signature. After the first years of operation, Ombrellificio Elios opened up to the entire national and European market.

The Company’s mission is to establish a balanced relationship between the aesthetic-functional quality of the products and the naturalistic beauty of the equipped spaces. The Company pillars are: technological innovation, ergonomic functionality and eco-sustainability.

Ombrellificio Elios is a young and dynamic Company that fully represents the best Italian craftsmanship. For this reason, the Company is committed to exporting Made in Italy beauty and quality abroad with enthusiasm and competence.

The elegant and comfortable articles on the market are the result of careful design work, followed by production by experienced technicians and seamstresses.  Umbrellas, sun loungers, deckchairs, chairs, cushions and the wide range of accessories are produced and carefully selected to guarantee efficiency, safety and to furnish spaces of various kinds with exclusive style.

Ombrellificio Elios products are authentic elements of indoor and outdoor design, capable of enhancing the aesthetic potential and maximising the functionality of any space.

The care taken in each operation that characterises the Company’s work over the years has ensured the achievement of high-quality standards, periodically confirmed by positive customer feedback. The beach, indoor and outdoor furniture we offer is of excellent workmanship. For this reason, Ombrellificio Elios is particularly appreciated for its ability to create suggestive atmospheres and the perfect setting in which to enjoy relaxation in the open air or in sophisticated interiors.

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1. No, we do not have any awards or certifications.
2. The most important features of our company are: craftsmanship, ability to provide product customization services, attention to research and development, technological innovation.
3. Our products can be found in European market.
4. The best commercial destinations of our products are: beaches, swimming pools, gardens, outdoor areas and receptive structures such as hotels, restaurants and bar and wellness centers.
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