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Our story began in 1963 in Bologna, in the village of Cadriano and with it our firm commitment in offering quality and a professional service.
In the beginning we were a skilled trade in carpentry specialized in the processing of wood furnishings for third-parties.
In 1980 the resolute commitment of the entrepreneurial family, represented by the figure of Massimo Magri, made it possible to expand the business by becoming “Nilma Arredamenti”, operating in the field of architecture for commercial interiors and creating shops with the “turnkey” formula.
This formula has outlined for us a unique strength, which has allowed us to create an even stronger bond with our customers, who have recognized the possibility of investing in Retail development by relying on a serious, meticulous and timely interlocutor in the delivery of Shop fitting, and in solving any problem.
Thus, began a close relationship with the beauty Retail sector, designing and manufacturing custom-made perfumery furnishings for private customers and important multinational chains throughout Italy.
In 1997, driven by expansion, we changed headquarters by moving to Granarolo dell’Emilia, investing in a structure suitable for offering the highest quality of our services. Since 2007, thanks to our experience in the production of furniture and the construction of turnkey shops, our positioning in the market has found its affirmation as a General Contractor.
The constant desire to innovate has made it possible to build a state-of-the-art production plant, skilled labour and skilled logistics management capable of offering a real contribution to the world of furniture.
Attention to detail and customer support skills are our priority. Our headquarters is the starting point of our reality, what sets us apart.
Today we have created furniture for Retail, Shop in Shop, Windows Display and all kind of outfitting in more than 230 city centres and more than 115 malls throughout Italy and Europe.


We are working on FSC and EcoVadis, we aim to get them by 31th of March 2022
In-House furniture production and engineering. Capabilities to transform furniture design ideas into a new product.
Italy, Spain, France, Germany.
Luxury Shopfitting for Retail, Shop in Shop, Beauty lounge and luxury house.
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