Specialized in manufacturing rough terrain forklifts meant for industrial and agricultural use since 1976.

Established by Mr Roberto Martini and Mr Oriano Duranti in Lugo, Romagna region, the hearth of small industrious and innovative Italian companies.

In 2000 the Elephant series was launched into the market: Elephant 2500 and Elephant 3000 differing only for lifting capacity, characterized by high reliability, manufacturing materials able to resist over time even under hard working conditions and possibility of customization.

In 2016 is the introduction of the new model: Elephant 35, specifically designed and characterized by a higher driving position, allowing the user to achieve a complete control over the surrounding area.

Our ELEPHANT are truly MADE IN ITALY, with the accuracy that has always distinguished the Italian product; even if some components (such as the engine) are imported, when mounted on the forklift they become an integral part of it; they form a single body because, starting from screws and bolts, the works are carried out with absolute competence by our highly specialized and responsible staff, who keep a constant focus on the forklift, as if they were the end users.

Our aim is the ability to do the job in the best possible way to obtain the best performances:

  • the turning radius of our ELEPHANT is the tightest in the category “with mechanical axles” (the advantage over the “wheel motors” is that the power transmitted to the wheels is much higher);
  • the PERKINS engine, was selected among the engines with the highest power available, for its quality and assistance characteristics worldwide;
  • highly ergonomic controls;
  • the single lever joystick makes all movements easy.
  • we are the only forklift manufacturers to mount a mechanical reduction gear to have a lot of drive torque at the wheel in low gear and a lot of speed at high gear.
  • Our ELEPHANTS tackle all types of terrain, muddy and / or sandy, and easily overcome challenging slopes.
  • Extraordinary maintenance is reduced to a minimum: normally not before hundreds and hundreds of hours of work.
  • Our assistance is immediate and our spare parts are delivered in a short time.

M&D is also famous for the ability to support customers for their specific needs, thanks to the long experience, providing many optional accessories in order to make the ELEPHANT even more customizable.


02 BROCHURE PERKINS ENGINE Elephant_2500_3000

03 Brochure Elephant 35 EN

Our ELEPHANT have the EEC certification
Experience, precision, high quality materials, off road performance, high load capacity, customization, are our main characteristics (and almost unique all together in a single machine).
Our Elephant forklifts are already working (to the great satisfaction of our customers) throughout Italy, of course, and in many countries such as Israel, Hungary, France, Serbia, Michigan, etc.
The commercial destination of our Elephants is manifold: in Italy they have above all an agricultural use, but abroad you can find them working in quarries and construction sites
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