The production heart of Mardegan Legno is in the Hungarian forest where you breathe the air in which the best European wood, Slavonian oak, begins life and grows. It is from this unspoilt land that the precious raw material comes every day and is transformed into refined surfaces able to bring the emotion of nature back into your projects. We are committed to providing a selection of surfaces made from a certified raw material, the result of a process that respects the life of woods and forests, because for each tree we cut, we plant two.

We choose only trees from European forests managed and protected in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. 

We follow all the phases of the woodworking process, starting from the choice of logs, because the first ingredient to obtain a quality product is to ensure an excellent raw material. We use each log carefully, taking the greatest possible care over how and how much to cut to avoid wasting the result of centuries of growth in just a few moments. That is why our boards

are available in a range of sizes, just as they were sawn. The production process begins with removing the bark and cutting the log into slat of different sizes and thicknesses. These are dried in ovens fuelled by the cutting residues, then when ready, they receive the first surface treatment. At the end of this phase, the slat are meticulously divided into three main types known as “selections”. The trained eye of our experts classifies the individual boards according to the design created by nature. We employ the skills of craftsmen to bring out all the richness of the wood.

Mardegan Legno floors are unique as they are the result of the natural qualities of the constituent material and the rediscovery of traditional hand working techniques. Mardegan Legno floors stand out for the large number of colours available. Even more exceptional is the fact that all the finishings are made by hand, so cannot be reproduced mechanically, the result of Giuseppe Mardegan’s research and passion for colour. Each shade is handmade by superimposing different nuances and may be created using the brush, spray or rag technique, depending on the version. All Mardegan Legno surface finishings are free from formaldehyde and toxic or harmful substances. 

Creating each parquet floor by hand makes it exclusive and unrepeatable. Each floor is unique, with its own characteristic patterns, finishings and colours. We are so careful and so proud of the quality of our products that we sign each of them with our trademark, the dragonfly, symbol of delicacy and elegance, but also of our enthusiasm when we look at the result of our work.


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Wood is an important, precious and refined material. According to our principles and philosophy, we carried out a series of “resistance tests” at Catas (R&D centre and testing laboratories for wood and furniture, environment and food) to reassure you about your choice: your floor is safe and resistant. If it changes, it will only be because of the natural spontaneous evolution of the wood. ABRASION RESISTANCE TEST UNI 15185:2011 SCRATCH RESISTANCE TEST UNI EN 15186:2012 DIRT RETENTION TEST UNI 9300:2015 CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TEST EN 13442:2013 LIGHT RESISTANCE TEST EN 15187:2007 RESISTANCE TO TEMPERATURE CHANGES TEST UNI 9429:2015. We chose to comply with the standards connected to the concept of “legal timber” for flooring specified in EU 995/2010 and the regulations on conformity evaluation criteria, characteristics and marking for finished wood flooring in EN 14342:2013+A1/2008. In addition, each wood floor we produce is accompanied by a “product sheet” and “declaration of performance”, as required by UNI EN 13489 for multilayer pre-finished flooring. Antibacterial surface respecting people and environment Leeds Requisites, as a guarantee of eco-sustainable quality standards, Mardegan Legno products respect the requisites of LEED®, a U.S. system for classifying energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings specifying a series of measurement standards to assess environmentally sustainable buildings
With Mardegan Legno surfaces, you can now create exclusive settings and give new meaning to surfaces, thanks to the numerous colours, finishings and shapes suggested. Wood becomes the protagonist and creator of a unique bond between past and present, ready to make you rediscover harmony with nature.
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