Lucifero’s, a brand specializing in the sector of indoor and outdoor architectural lighting.

The company, founded in Bologna in 1978 by the Duranti family, has been part of the Cefla group since 2018, specializing in the development of innovative, high-tech solutions.

Made in Italy is its main strength, spread all over the world thanks to an extensive sales network.

Due to its location, at the crossroads of the lighting market, Lucifero’s is Italian by birth but international by reputation.

A reference point of the sector that has recently signed a collaboration with Mario Cucinella, creating an adjustable projector where technological innovation meets design.

The company has an extensive catalogue for a wide range of applications: retail, hospitality, educational, residential, office, industrial, GDO, sacred places and museums.

A range of products where innovation and technological research combine to create

high performance lighting fixtures which can be customised to meet customer needs in a look & feel perspective.

A mind set based on typically Italian tailoring where a configurator with more than 30.000 codes for finitures, colors, compositions and modules makes it possible to customize products and create personalized projects.

The company also specializes in the field of green indoor lighting, with a series of products able to light up indoor plants.

In addition to the architectural space, people, with their needs, are at the center of any design choice. The Bologna-based company’s products are in fact closely linked to the principle of Human Centric Lighting, where light plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere, making the place livable and functional for people. The circadian cycle and relationship with nature are therefore restored thanks to lighting bodies with integrated sensors and Tunable White control systems, which allow variation of intensity and colour temperature.

Technology, functionality and innovation have been the hallmarks of Lucifero’s since 1978, an Italian brand known throughout the world for its wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting proposals.

Thanks to a well-distributed sales network, the company is the bearer of Made in Italy all over the world: craftsmanship and sartorial care make Lucifero’s products the ideal solutions for a wide number of projects, also thanks to the possibility of customization, with a series of finishes, optics and colors that meet a variety of design and aesthetic needs.

Lucifero’s has been spreading light all over the world for 43 years.

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As an Italian and European company, we have CE certification on all products. For each export, our R&D prepares the correct certification for the destination’s place. We work with many reputable designer studios, but we never participated in any prize-giving events. Our best reward is the satisfaction of our customers around the world.
Our strength extends beyond our products, finding its ultimate expression in an all-encompassing design approach. The complexity of our customers’ needs are met through continuous dialogue and the sharing of tailor-made solutions. With a far-reaching product distribution network… and a unique value that exemplifies our philosophy: Made in Italy. And then, the jewel in the crown: a team of designers who ‘draw’ light with shadows, contrasts and rhythmic counterpoints to take you - intuitively and technologically - into the world of lighting design.
Made in Italy, distributed worldwide. We’re proud to be Italian. Conveying a value as essential as ‘Made in Italy’ is, then, a crucial part of everything we do. And Bologna is the launch pad from which we extend our vision to the world Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, America: an international vision that retains full awareness of its roots
We provide a wide range of high quality lighting fixtures for numerous sectors:  Retail  Hospitality  Churches and Museums  Educational  Residential  Office  Supermarkets and Big Malls  Industrial  Green and Outdoor Innovative, highly customized solutions that ensure high standards in terms of compatibility, efficiency and ergonomics.
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