L’Origine is a flexible and dynamic company founded in 1976, well-known and appreciated for its professionalism and reliability. Today, the company stands as an important partner in the interior design and in the interpretation of International taste. Its staff has always sought with determination the experimentation and the innovation, from the material selection to the processing techniques, from the study of the overall layout up to the proposal of highly exclusive finishes. Over the years, a growing group spirit and a strong internal motivation led the company to stand out in the industry for combining ability and competitiveness by increasing and developing a totally personal identity and experience both in terms of design and functional expression, typical of a genuine, refined and good taste in Made in Italy Interiors. The production is structured both industrially, with woodworking technologies, and on a craftsman level, with versatile machinery and the use of precision techniques.Inside there are departments of carpentry and polishing supported also by specialized suppliers. The company is equipe to handle all product orders, but mainly custom design assignments and also turnkey projects. As a confirmation of the high quality and care of the production process, the company receives in 2014 the logo 100% Made in Italy. This reward refers to the Italian Law n.166 of 2009, which states in paragraph n.1 of Art .16: “It is understood as entirely manufactured in Italy the product or the goods classifiable as “Made in Italy” under the current legislation, and for which conceiving, design, manufacturing and packaging are made exclusively on the Italian territory.


The selection of materials is carried out with scrupulous rigor and accuracy by experts.Only the best types of wood are carefully selected one by one, both in terms of perception and technical performance in order to guarantee the maximum aesthetical and technical quality of the final product that will be delivered to the customer. Meticulous tests are constantly run to check the physical properties of materials and the precision of executions. The environmental sustainability is a value to which the company gives the utmost attention during the decisionmaking process.


The respect of the natural drying times in order to ensure the dimensional stability of the wood, the research of the perceptual uniformity in color tones, naturally present in the material, the visual analysis and the bilance combination of grain designs are considered fundamental and all-important during the working process. A particular attention is given also to the use of non-toxic products with low environmental impact.


The choice of refined and exclusive colors and the study of physical properties of finishing processes take place constantly under internal testing.Company is looking for the best tactile perceptions and the most elegant color tones through ongoing refinement in order to give the projects an harmony of taste totally unique.The customization of finishes meets the taste of the customers, adapting to specific needs if required. Nothing is left to chance.


Each project is also studied and discussed in terms of technology in a rational and innovative way. The ergonomic study of all components leads to constantly seek the best lighting, visual and functional comfort in all products. The latest technological systems are used in order to ensure the greater satisfaction in the day by day use.Particular care is placed in the aesthetic analysis of the technological components and to find the best value and the most successful integration between these and the products.

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L’Origine Company Profile

The company receives in 2014 the logo 100% Made in Italy.
High quality materials and finishing. Bespoke furniture to match client needs.
Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, France), Great Britain, Russia.
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