Lorenza Bozzoli was born in Milan. She attended the Academy of Brera, and moved to New York to kick-off her career in the fashion field with her first self-produced lines. Upon returning to Milan she soon started working with Elio Fiorucci and companies like Basile, Camper, Sergio Rossi, Plein Sud. Her interest then moved toward the world of interior design, and she started articulating her work through a vast series of collaborations with big brands such as Alessi, Moooi, Dedon, Pomellato, Dilmos, Edition, Mingardo, Slamp, Tato Italia, Colè.

Lorenza currently lives and works in Milan.

Couture is a high-end, elegant and luxury home accessory collection by designer Lorenza Bozzoli. With the philosophy of making with artisanal craftsmanship and complete customization, this collection is designed and made in Italy. Couture is a combination of design and fashion with high quality of material and innumerable color combinations personalized to the user needs.

This unique Haute-Couture product features the colorful fringes woven by artisans on 18th Century loom. Each thread is stitched and cut by hand by designers and artisans making it a perfect example of the fusion of bespoke craft and design piece.

Each bespoke piece of Couture is stamped at the bottom of the lining of the pouf. It is then signed by the designer Lorenza Bozzoli and numbered and dated like an art print. This is the ultimate sign of luxury, originality, and craftsmanship of the product.

 With the availability of over 75 colors of fringes and velvets, the possibility of customization of the product is endless. Each piece is designed in close relation with the client, with customization in designs and colors, making each piece completely unique and special.


Catalogue Couture Lorenza Bozzoli
Catalogue Couture Lorenza Bozzoli
Catalogue Couture Lorenza Bozzoli

The Lorenza Bozzoli Couture collection from 2018 was selected by Arredativo for the award MustHave2018.
The strength of Lorenza Bozzoli Couture it’s the great attention and care to the manufacturing process, evident in the use of superb raw materials, a sartorial approach and artisan craftmanship carried out in Italy, as if it was for an Haute Couture collection. For every model and design the color palettes are customizable according to the client’s preferences, in fact, each color of fringes can be combined with any available velvet color. Completely made in Italy by hand-made craftmanship, Lorenza Bozzoli Couture is a combination of fashion and design, with high-quality materials and endless color’s combination, which can be customized by client’s request.
Lorenza Bozzoli Couture works mainly with the best interior designer studios but products can be found digitally, through the most important design e-commerces available: Artemest, Wallpaper Store, LUISAVIAROMA as well as Lorenza Bozzoli Couture website.
The best commercial destinations for Lorenza Bozzoli Couture are Europe, United State of America, South America, Middle East and Russia.
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