For 150 years Lavagnoli Marmi has been dedicated to the processing of natural stones, performed in the beginning exclusively by hand by skilled stonemasons. This passion was born in the quarries around the city of Verona. In the 80s the entrepreneurial activity was transferred to Friuli Venezia Giulia (Ronchis, Udine) and with the fourth generation represented by Leonardo Lavagnoli, there was a modernization of the plants: from the end of the nineties the first computerized machinery was then introduced and Lavagnoli Marmi appeared on the international market strong of a history anchored to the past, a production path along four generations that is identified since its inception with a made in Italy production. Since then, the company has specialized in complex production processes, technologically advanced and with specialized personnel, without neglecting the artisan value.

Lavagnoli is on the market as a reality able to carry out any project based on the requests of the architect or of the interior architect , operating in particular in the residential, hotel, corporate and naval sectors, the latter area where the company can boast a great experience. The skills developed are not limited to the processing of natural stones, but they become tools to be competitive by providing stone consulting, design services, installation with site management around the world and supervision of local labor. Lavagnoli is the ideal and active partner in relations with architects and designers.

The transformation of natural stones, which come from quarries in Italy but also from abroad, represents the hard core of Lavagnoli activity: cutting, turning, milling, polishing in combination with many sophisticated finishes are now carried out thanks to CNC machines. Custom-made wall claddings are thus produced, along with architectural and furnishing elements (kitchen tops, bathrooms, fireplaces, furnishing objects), inlay floors, as well as new motifs for coatings of great scenic effect.

The company has also been able to develop a great expertise in the processing of a wide range of technical materials, such as agglomerates, quartz-resin, ceramics. In order to offer a “turnkey” job in the realization of floors and walls, Lavagnoli has also specialized in the processing and installation of mosaics, glass, steel, wood, tiles, porcelain stoneware, carpets and fabrics, PVC, linoleum and CorianĀ®.

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Yes, we got the ISO 90011:2015 Certification, specifically the RINA Certified Management System for following fields of activity: shipbuilding and Construction
We process and fabricate all natural stones and technical materials. If requested we organize installations. We can solve complex problems related to specific requests from customers.
Hospitality, cruiseship sector (refitting and new build), high-end residential markets
Lobbies, floors, wall cladding, bathrooms, kitchen tops, all architectural elements
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AddressStrada Rivis di Mies, 10; 33050 Ronchis (UD) Italy

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