LA SEDIA SRL is the leading Italian manufacturer of high quality folding chairs, tables and accessories made predominantly from beech wood.

Based in the renowned Chairs district of Manzano, in Northern Italy,  the company was founded in 1936 by Luigi Bolzicco. The production plant was established in an old mill blades of ‘900 and till nowadays has been run by the same family.  The production plant was then expanded, renewed and equipped with modern machinery.  The first production was dedicated to the deck-chairs which were used to decorate prestigious cruise ships. Later, the production of folding chair and tables started. Now, the catalog of our products is getting each year more rich of new advanced items, all strictly MADE IN ITALY, Made in Manzano. At the base of  the work there was and remains the love for wood, the passion for folding and craftmanship.  LA SEDIA SRL learned how to take care of different types of materials and its articles are able to meet the needs of all customers all around the world.

LA SEDIA SRL pays attention to the quality of its products, each chair and table is followed meticulously by the staff, starting from the selection of raw materials, production checks at every stage of manufacture, until the final tests in order to meet quality standards and safety requirements. A big attention is paid to the environment, therefore mostly water based paints are used for the finishing of the products.

LA SEDIA SRL offers a wide range of home interior furniture, outdoor garden furniture, all folding and customizable on request. The folding chairs, tables and accessories are having big succes in contract sector – hotels, bars, restaurants, communities – all over the Europe and in Japan. The production is charaterized by strong flexibility, the company creates chairs and tables both as per catalog and based on customer’s design. Today, more than 50% of the production is exported to the major foreign markets.

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1. The products manufactured by LA SEDIA SRL have CATAS certifications of durability and general safety. LA SEDIA received numerous awards for its well renowned economical activities and professionality from the Chamber of Commerce of Udine.
2. The most important features are exclusive MADE IN ITALY high quality production which has been run by the family Bolzicco since 1936 and the propensity towards technological innovation and modernization of the products.
3. The folding chairs, tables and accessories manufactured by LA SEDIA SRL can be found mostly on European markets and also on Japanese market are having a great success.
4. The folding chairs, tables and accessories designed and manufactured by LA SEDIA SRL are perfect for hotels, bars, restaurants, events organization indoor and outdoor both for private homes and communities.
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