Kanapè (from Greek καναπέ) represents the word with which the sofa is indicated in the Hellenic world.
In creating our brand we wanted to pay tribute to the civilization that, with the colonization of Magna Graecia, has directly and indirectly influenced our history through its understanding of culture, philosophy, art, as a symbol of values ​​that are born, they develop and remain time inspiring future generations.
Our way of being Italian springs from all this, from this qualitative perception of reality. Our way of living and feeling beauty and recreating it in everything we do is the fruit of our cultural, artistic and philosophical imprinting.
This is how Made in Italy is born…
Inspired by Greek architecture that responded to precise mathematical and geometric calculations, representing a precise and perfect order in structures and elements, our models have harmonic and essential lines, elegant but also functional.
In a sophisticated combination of history and modernity, tradition and innovation, the research of our designers tends to give refined solutions, through attention to detail and harmony of forms, without neglecting modern living trends.

This is how the KANAPE ’sofa is born.
Elegance and Functionality

To these two principles is finalized our constant search of innovative solutions that allow to design accurate models, lines tending towards minimalism but at the same time aimed at a modern and functional concept of living, whose intention is to create design objects that characterize the environment making it comfortable, welcoming and hospitable.

Aware that innovations thrive best in an environment where new design concepts are continuously stimulated by ideas that are always focused on originality, our designers seek in each model KANAPE’ that balance between geometric shapes and sinuosity of lines, examining every building material in every detail, to ensure a wide range of sofas and armchairs is the result of study, design and manufacture of high quality.
The company consists of six departments, operationally independent, but mutually linked to each other in order to ensure the excellent success of the finished product:

  • Preparation;
  • Cutting and sewing;
  • Mattresses;
  • Assembly;
  • Quality control and packaging;
  • loading goods.

The production process steps are constantly monitored: from the arrival of materials, until the shipment of the final product. Each stage of processing is monitored by highly skilled personnel, which is regularly updated on new technologies and new working methods, so we can keep up with the times.
We pay particular attention to technological innovation, so we periodically update our work machinery, as with our recent introduction of the new cutting machine, to further improve production, making it even more accurate and quick.
Following closely the evolution of the markets of interest, the behaviour of customers and competitors and the changes taking place, or planned, in each business area and maintaining with constancy the passion for our sector and craft work, we have acquired more and more interesting market sharesworking not only in Italy, but also with many European countries.
This has led us to move towards collaborations with non-European companies, continuing to pursue a growth and internationalisation perspective that motivates us to seek new professional challenges.


Our company has no certifications or awards. We are a company in phase of growth and expansion and sure enough we are working to achieve certain goals and we are already achieving several successes.
There are several features that distinguish us including quality of our products which are 100% made in Italy and the ability to create projects, in collaboration with architects, concerning interior design
Our products can be found mainly in the European market but recently we have also held trade relations with the US and Canadian market.
The best destination for our products are accommodation facilities such as hotels, resorts, tourist resorts, real estate offices, offices in general but also retailers and end customers.
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