YOUMEAND, the Made in Italy brand from Intentions, aims to enhance the angular surfaces, optimizing their size as an extension of the surrounding furniture. Collections and accessories reinvent themselves with a touch of ingenious dynamism, freeing themselves from classic styles, to offer practical, elegant and full of character solutions.


The name YOUMEAND comes from the Eastern philosophy:

YOU: it’s a form of respect to the other (you’re always before me);

ME: it’s myself (the one “talking”);

AND: it’s everything around us (design, scent, tact, color, taste and what we can create together etc…);


The YOUMEAND design collection offers lamps and furnishing accessories of great refinement in bronze and gold brushed steel too. Their multiple shades make them the perfect colors for any type of environment. These original finishes are synonymous with originality and brightness, in every modern space, for a timeless atmosphere.

We don’t have any award or certification yet.
We want to create and re-think products with an out-of-the-box mentality. For examples, with the Demì lamps we dress corners, parts of the house that are usually not fully enhanced.
Our products can be found in the Italian, French, German and American market.
Our best commercial destination are the high-end furniture shop.
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