Imper Italia s.r.l., founded in Turin in 1936, is one of the best known and leader companies in Italy and over fifty countries worldwide in manufacturing and marketing high quality waterproofing products and systems for buildings and civil engineering application.

Imper Italia produces a wide range of APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes, PVC-P, and TPO-FPA synthetic membranes with high standard quality and competitive prices for:

  • Roofing
  • Parking
  • Green Roof
  • Hydraulic work (basins, dams, canals, etc.)
  • Underground work (tunnels, foundations, metros, etc.)

IMPER ITALIA philosophy, intended as the set of essential principles governing its activities, hinges on customer satisfaction, the customer being the end user of the building asset. IMPER ITALIA’s passion for industrial endeavour is one of utmost coherence, focusing on products aimed at increasing the potential for “problem solving” in the field of building structure protection, where the concept of waterproofing extends to attack of building structures by aggressive agents of all types, as well as water.

Our selling network is through distributors and qualified applicators supported by brochures, data sheets, samples, seminars, training and local specialized exhibitions.

Our technical assistance guarantees a total support for the client (projects, drawings, technical specifications, training courses, etc.) with personalized solutions for each project.

However, success is a combination of many factors, including also, the “agréments” and product/system certifications issued by official institutions.

For more details about our company and products range, please visit our web pages at: and contact our sales department at:







Yes, we have the most important certifications in Italy and in the Europe like BBA, ISO, FM (Factory Mutual), etc.
Imper is a long historical company born in the 1936. We have a wide range of products for all type of waterproofing and our products have all the most important European certifications
Our products can be found in the entire world.
Our products are perfect for any type of building: logistics, commercials and industrials. We have products for Roofing, Tunnel, Underground works and Hydraulic works.
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