IME Srl is a company based in Salerno that has been producing and selling brush cutter heads for

over 25 years. Our company is one of the main producers of these tools in Italy. The experience

gained in this long period and the continuous will to satisfy growing requests of the market allows us

to create high quality, resistant, manageable, light and universal products.

Our work is based on constant research of new and innovative solutions not only regarding the

shape of our tools, but also for new material that combines lightness and resistance, like, for

example carbon fiber. Two of our heads have been granted a patent by the Ministry of Economic

Development. In addition, our company is one of the winners of the “brevetti plus” contest which is

connected to implementing new technologies to the patented products.

Our mission is to satisfy the final user who will need to find great quality and a product that is

easy to use, without spending an excessive amount of money for our heads. The strength of

our products lies with their simplicity in assembling them and the substitution of parts.

Our products are perfectly adequate for both professional and leisure gardening.

We have always produced exclusively in Italy and we have collaborated with the most important

Italian laboratories in order to test the safety and the security of our products. Punctuality and

speed in delivery are our strong points.

We produce and sell about 80,000 heads a year and our experience, along with our will to improve,

have brought us to manufacture high quality products that are competitive in price.



Our company protects products by registering models with the European Patent and Trademark Office.
Our company manufactures all products completely made in Italy and is very fast in processing sales orders.
Our products are marketed in most of the European markets.
The best commercial destination of our products is with distributors and wholesalers in the gardening sector.
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