I Volpini Antiques & Interiors.

We are a family business since 1989 in Bologna, capitol food in the world, and in Cortina d’Ampezzo soon to be the theatre of the Olympic Winter Games 2026, between the most beautiful italian Dolomites. Two stores in two important cities World Unesco Heritage.

Our passion for art, antiques and collectibles is the foundation of our activity.

We import directly from Austria, France, Germany, England, USA, Biedermeier period furniture, absolutely coming from Asburgic area, paintings, lamps, objects and memorabilia, specialized in Man-Nature relationship, represented by Animals, Flowers, Still Lives, Alps and Seaside.

Every single piece is then restaured by our splecialized laboratory and high quality italian artisans and experts.

Giving a new life to important objects and pieces of furniture that have existed through out the centuries and decades, is also a way to preserve our Planet through sustainability and recovery  without further fueling consumerism and today’s “disposable” philosophy.

We love light woods and colours, simple lines, rationalist pieces of furniture that we fit together to give a young and happy image, perfectly sintonized with what we love to call Theory of Smiling on which we base our  philosophy.

Not only Antiques Dealers “tout court” but also Home Relookers, able to revisit, reinvent atmospheres of houses and offices, not necesserly changing and renovating the old elements, but mixing them with limited changements.

We are not afraid to mix Antiques Modern and Contemporary, with no prejudice we love to put them all together armonically balanced finding the right way to valorized every single piece.

01 Blanchard – Les Amoureux
03 Biedermeier Chest of Drawers
05 Louis Vuitton aero trunk
06 Cauchois – Panier de roses
08 Danhauser Chest of drawers
09 Gallé Magnolia vase
10 Wedgwood dinner service


We are member of the Bolognese Antique Dealers Association and FIMA Italian Federation Art Dealers. In 2019 we received an award from ASCOM Bologna, the Traders Bolognese Association for our 30th Anniversary.
As a family business, our professionality is linked to our name. We follow personally every step of the process, from the research to the sell of everything in our stores. Our selection is our quality warrenty.
We are mostly active in Italy but we sell and ship all over the World.
We destinate our selection of products to our customers homes and offices and we aim to help them to create a personal and elegant atmosphere to enreach and decorate their settings.
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