Hermet S.r.l has proudly been family owned since its start in 1981. From the rime of its foundation, the company has gone through a strong growth development and today Hermet S.r.l is a leading distributor of household linen products in Italy. The fact that our products continue to be made in Italy is one of the most important assets for our corporation.

Hermet S.r.l has an outsourcing structure that allows it to be very flexible and with short lead time. As a result, Hermet succeeds in meeting customer needs with confidence. The company not only has a strong know-how, but it is also a dynamic and fast society. Regarding the products, every collection is designed and created by Hermet Luxury – as the marketing and production teams study each item taking care of every detail.

The corporate head office is located in Milan, the most industrialized city of Italy. In addition, we export our high quality products all over the world and serve thousands of retailers and wholesale in different markets.

Hermet has a vast showroom in its headquarter and thanks to its big warehouse in Milan, the company can serve customers day by day.

Thanks to the extreme flexibility and experience of the corporation, Hermet is able to customize products according to every customer’s desires.

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2) One of our main feature is that most of products are made in Italy and we have a controlled production chain which ensures the quality of goods. Moreover we are a dynamic and fast company with short lead time.
3) Our products can be found in wholesale markets, malls and e-commerce activities.
4) The best commercial destination for our products is all the B2B markets whose customers would appreciate the quality of made in Italy products.
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