The Hermelin brand boasts 200 years of artisanal billiards and Italian tradition.
The origins date back to 1825 in Milan, where the artisan Rinaldo Hermelin opened his first workshop.

It was immediately a great success among fans of the game, who appreciated the gaming tables built with wisdom and skill by a capable group of craftsmen.
Hermelin has continued to grow and be known in the most exclusive environments, where the small craft workshop has become a successful company famous and appreciated, in the beginning throughout Italy and then abroad, where he introduced his Made in Italy models all over the world.


Hermelin’s production is constantly growing, where research and development have always been the center of the company philosophy, reaching a high level of excellence in the world of furniture and luxury entertainment.

Today our master cabinetmakers continue to follow the founder’s important craft tradition, flanked by designers who introduce new values and new opportunities, thus creating a blend of modernity and tradition.
Since 1825, not only prestigious billiards, but real pieces of furniture with iconic charm, often protagonists of the surrounding environment, that perfectly match with the most classic and sophisticated environments, that with the most modern and original.

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03. Product details – Restyling and classic

In our prestigious history, which began as far back as 1825, we won awards such as: - Premio Internazionale Ercole d’Oro, - 1° posto nella categoria marca di biliardi, - Gran Croce al merito di San Marino.
The craftsmanship of the products entirely handmade, following a manufacturing tradition begun in 1825, with a continuous research and development. In this way, we create a perfect union between modernity and tradition.
Since 1825 we have been making handmade pool table, a symbol of the 'made in Italy'. This has allowed us to export our masterpieces all over the world, from the markets of Central and Middle Eastern Europe, North America, China and India.
Our artworks are aimed at those who, for love or pleasure, for furniture or for passion, decide to install in their home, one of the oldest, noblest and funniest “game” in the world.
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