Elekta is a brand of the Gruppo GANI company, specialized in production of innovative water-based paints, resins, microcements and coatings of the highest quality for the decoration of walls, floors and furnitures for homes, offices, hotels and commercial areas around the world. 

The company, an expression of 100% Made in Italy and located in Como, has the mission of creating cutting-edge decorative solutions that reflect the perfect combination of high design and easy application. The key to all the Group’s activities is in-depth technical knowledge combined with continuous updating on fashion and design trends with the aim of offering high-performance and quality solutions to the market.

The stylistic feature of Elekta’s work and products is the high quality of the materials that are constantly improved and made highly performing thanks to continuous analyzes to improve their workmanship and durability over time. Elekta also boasts numerous certifications awarded by CATAS and Istituto Giordano, which underline the quality of the products and their characteristics. These include antibacterial, anti-slip, waterproofing, fire resistance, stain and dirt resistance, impact resistance, light resistance and certification for commercial use.

In line with its mission, Elekta aims not only to satisfy the end customer by offering innovative and technologically advanced products, but above all, to follow the applicator in all the pre and post application phases of the site. In this regard, the specialized technical assistance service was established to adopt a direct approach with the customer which is divided into 3 levels:

  • PREVENTIVE ASSISTANCE, through the estimate service and certified cycles to guarantee the end customer, the architect and the installer;
  • ASSISTANCE DURING THE APPLICATION, for support during the main phases of the application cycle;
  • AFTER-SALES ASSISTANCE AND MAINTENANCE for the issue of the resin-surface use and maintenance manual.

In addition to our company showroom, located in Como, Italy, with over 400 square meters of exhibition with walls, floors and furniture made of resin and natural lime, Elekta has been collaborating with over 200 show rooms throughout Itay and several collaborations around the world.

In 2019, Elekta started an ambitious project for the realization of a SHOW ROOM EMOTIONAL LOUNGE, an exhibition space developed by a team of attentive designers, tailor-made for the distributors with the aim with the aim of offering to ELEKTA products an elegant, exciting space that knows how to convey the quality and style of the made in Italy.



3 RESIN – floor and wall

4 MICROCEMENTO – floor and wall


For several years now, our company has been investing in an increasingly large production, aimed at sustainability and the protection of our environment. With the creation of CALCETERRA, we have had many awards for ecological and voc-free material.
For over thirty years the company has been a point of reference for the main design studios for the production of high design coatings for floors and walls in hotels, shops and villas all over the world.
Over the past 20 years, our company has turned, with increasing conviction, to foreign markets, with satisfied customers throughout Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan, the USA and South Africa.
We are looking for commercial partners, distributors of building materials, for the promotion and distribution of our coatings in interior design studios and the main application companies
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