GiPStech finally fulfills the need for an efficient indoor/outdoor localization: a solution that overcomes the typical performances/cost trade-off in extending to indoor settings the services that users and businesses have come to rely on in outdoors thanks to GPS.

GiPStech has developed leading proprietary indoor localization technology globally: a suite of algorithms leveraging inexpensive sensors (those in smartphones) delivering extraordinary localization precision combining geomagnetic fingerprinting, advanced inertial analysis, and opportunistic use of radio-frequency (Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi, and others),

Our low infrastructure/high performance technology can be used to localize, track and navigate indoor, unique in the world running directly on the device: either smartphones or custom “black boxes”, avoiding network issues and battery drainage typical of cloud-based solutions.

Based on private R&D started in 2011, the company filed to date seven (7) patents, 4 of which granted, and is planning to extend its IP portfolio rapidly.

The products developed to date consist of:

  • SDK: for third parties to leverage our technology in their applications via API, available both for iOS and Android, currently being implemented by third-party developers across many verticals.
  • End-to-end “exibitions and large installations” solution: our “white label” solution for exibitions and large installations including an app for visitors (with indoor/outdoor localization), a web-app for content management, a web-app for analytics on behavioral data collected; currently being released by early company’s customers.
  • End-to-end workforce and asset management solution: it includes both a back-end web application and an Android app for the on-field workforce and asset management applications across many market sectors: from hospitals to industry, from airports to stations. It provides a useful toolset for operators to check works start & finish, checklists, manuals, localization/navigation, a web-app for managers to collect tickets and dispatch them, and analyze collected data. The solution is currently in use in 2 airports plus other minor customers.
  • ASTRA (asset tracking): an inexpensive solution that extends the localization and tracking capabilities to physical objects where smartphones are not practical

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GiPStech was the winner of TechCrunch Italy 2013 and the winner of Red Herring Europe in 2015. It also owns 7 worldwide patents.
The company expertise is being able to deliver the best seamless indoor/outdoor localization technology with almost zero infrastructure and running directly in the smartphone
Our products are valuable in multiple markets: from security to industry, from managing operations in retail, airports, malls and stations up to monitor people in multiple contexts (hospital, at home, in office…)
Any scope in which it is required to know the position of a people or of an asset. Possible applications are in healthcare, malls, stations, airports, industry and many more.
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