Galleria Continua is a leading international contemporary art gallery, which was founded in San Gimignano (Italy) in 1990, by three friends: Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Occupying a former cinema, Galleria Continua established itself and thrived in an entirely unexpected location, away from the big cities and the ultramodern urban centres, in a town – San Gimignano – steeped in history. This choice of location provided scope for the development of new forms of dialogue between unexpected geographies: rural and industrial, local and global, art from the past and the art of today, famous artists and emerging ones. Galleria Continua was the first foreign gallery with an international program to open in Beijing, China in 2004, and in 2007, a new site for large-scale creations – Les Moulins – in the Parisian countryside was opened. In 2015, the gallery embarked on new paths, opening a space in La Habana, Cuba, devoted to cultural projects designed to overcome every frontier. In the course of over thirty years, Continua has created a strong identity which remains faithful to a spirit of perpetual evolution and committed to developing the public’s interest in contemporary art. That identity is grounded in two values – generosity and altruism – which lie at the heart of all its dealings with artists, the general public and its development as a whole. Galleria Continua is all about a desire for continuity between ages, aspiring to have a part in writing the history of the present and between different and unusual individuals and geographies. In 2020, its 30th anniversary year, a new space in Rome at the St. Regis Rome was opened with a calendar of didactic activities and artist residences. In the same year, a space in Brazil was also opened: Galleria Continua São Paulo, inside the Pacaembu sports complex. In 2021, a new exhibition space was inaugurated in Paris, in the Le Marais neighborhood. In the same year, a pop-up exhibition space was opened in Dubai, in the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

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Galleria Continua Beijing – Latin American exhibition
Galleria Continua Les Moulins – NARI WARD Radiant Opacity
Galleria Continua Paris – LA BRÈCHE
Galleria Continua Paris – TRUC À FAIRE curated by JR
Galleria Continua Roma – SABRINA MEZZAQUI c’è qui nell’aria la parola-ramo
Galleria Continua San Gimignano – CARLOS GARAICOA Imágenes Infieles Unfaithful Images
Galleria Continua San Gimignano – GIOVANNI OZZOLA INVITES KIKI SMITH”
Roma-Erlich Leandro Company Description

Galleria Continua is a desire for continuity between the centuries, the aspiration to take part in the writing of the history of the present, a history that is sensitive to creative contemporary practises and that takes care of the connection between past and future, between diverse and unusual individuals and geographies. We are three founders and our relationship is based on our affinities as much as on our contrasts, it’s a complex balance to uphold but it is without doubt a peculiarity that distinguishes us and that gives us strength. For us, it’s important to create experiences and meetings and to bring contemporary art and culture in places that are rich in charm and history. In this sense, our commitment is aimed at creating relationships and synergies in local areas by carrying out a discussion on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility with conviction. This is the reason that led us to open the first location in a small medieval Italian village, San Gimignano, more than 30 years ago, to then continue, for the love of an artist (Chen Zhen), by opening the first foreign art gallery in China with an international program; in France we decided to open an exhibition space not in Paris but in the Parisian countryside in a former factory of 10,000 square meters; the gallery in the heart of the capital, a two-storey building in continuous transformation in the Marais district, is quite a recent event. The space in Havana, Cuba, located inside a former cinema is dedicated to cultural projects aimed at overcoming all borders. The works that we exhibit in our Roman headquarters are an invitation to interact with art for guests, global travelers and citizens of the Eternal City. Galleria Continua São Paulo contributes to strengthening the gallery's international footprint by pursuing its ongoing search for new forms of dialogue and points of contact between unusual geographical areas. This is the spirit that also guided us in the opening of a pop-up space in Dubai.
The gallery takes part in the most important contemporary art fairs in the world, in Europe, in Asia, in America, in Latin America and in the Arab Emirates. The works by the artists that we represent reach every corner of the globe by their exhibitions in the most important museums around the world.
We believe that art is a voice capable in overcoming borders and creating, with a super partes vocabulary, a dialogue because it represents humanity, not just a single country. Art will always have this as its strong-point and for this reason we retain that there is no ideal commercial destination for an artwork: the beauty and universal message of interculturality and inclusion that art has inherent in itself can reach any place and any person.
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