The Galleria Gagliardi, presently part of Gagliardi Company s.r.l., was estabilished in 1991 by Stefano Gagliardi. It offers a 400 sqm of exhibition area in the historic town centre of San Gimignano, Italy, one of the Unesco World Heritage Cities. Galleria Gagliardi is led by a team of three: Mrs. Giulia Gagliardi (CEO), Mrs. Isabella Del Guerra (Foreign Trade Manager) and Mr. Stefano Gagliardi who is the Artistic Director and Public Relation Manager.

For 30 years we have been representing, supporting and promoting the work of italian contemporary artists and their research in the different expressions of contemporary art: realism, abstraction, conceptual etc. We strongly believe that art has a significant value which transcends any definition of gender and scholarly construct. In a constant relationship and direct confrontation with the Artists we choose to exhibit on permanent basis, we select themes and works that become part of artistic projects to promote through exibitions and events which can be both public or private. Presently, the Galleria Gagliardi counts more than 60 such events set up in cooperation with public institutions, local authorities and museums.

Our Works of Art selections are always intended for the realization of a ‘space-environment’’, adding value to domestic, commercial or social architectural areas; moreover, the main guideline of our selections is our belief that the Work of Art cannot be devoid of truth and beauty, such as to involve both the heart and the mind.

The Galleria Gagliardi deals with paintings and sculptures of italian Artists: we always quote net prices and provide the export permit required by law issued by the Ministry of Fine Arts.

We can assist the customer in case of special requests or Works of Art to be developed on commission, after approval of the estimate and the graphic proposal.

Our main customers are private collectors and institutions: for more than 30 years we have been supporting them with our professional knowledge in the choice of worthy artworks, both artistically and financially.

We offer a professional support network which includes:

– A technical department skilled in the developement of any graphic and architectural products using CAD.

– Professional packers trained in the handling of special, high-value goods of any size and materials for museums and exibition planners.

– Highly specialized logistics service providers and freight forwarders

– Insurance Companies with customs liaison staff.

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02 Artists Giorgia Bevignani-Carlo Pizzichini-Beatrice Gallori
03 Artists Dario Tironi-Tetsuro Shimizu
04 Artists Paolo Staccioli-Manuel Felisi-Leo Ferdinando Demetz 05 Artists Giorgio Laveri-Nicola Biondani-Federica Cipriani-Davide Dall’Osso-Gioacchino Passini

Each of our Works has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist. Many of our Events and Exhibitions were recognized of cultural importance and sponsored by about one hundred different national and foreign institutions
High level of professionalism, attention and care in the exhibition of the Works, identification of the most talented new Artists which we promote and sponsor to become references in the international Art Gallery market
We deal in the direct sale to international private collectors and public institution (museums). Our main markets are Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Dubai, Singapore etc. We don’t attend trade fairs nor use online trading platforms
The destination of our Works often depends on the cooperation of various professionals involved in the project and able to give value and prestige to places of refreshment, physical and spiritual well-being, hospitality and sociability
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AddressVia San Giovanni 57, 53037 San Gimignano (SI) ITALY

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