Fumagalli Componenti has been a leader in Italy for over fifty years in the production of electric Towels and Hair Dryers. The company, certified ISO 9001:2015, over the years has positioned itself at the top of the industry for the complete preparation of the washroom area, adopting a policy of constant product innovation and promoting the “Made in Italy” in the World.

Achieving quality products with respect for safety and without environmental impact, meeting the needs of customers, pursuing profitable growth, and providing a pleasant and rewarding working environment are the symbolic values of the company’s strategy.

Human resources have always been considered as a precious and necessary asset for the development and realization of the corporate vision. The policies adopted are based on values such as team spirit, mutual respect, creativity, innovative thinking, and high quality. The team is made up of enthusiastic, passionate, dynamic people, with strong professionalism and moral integrity.

Fumagalli has a strong propensity for innovation and constantly invests in tools and technological solutions of the latest generation in the utmost respect for the environment. The careful analysis of market trends, customer needs, expectations, and attention to the possibility of offering a product with a low environmental impact is our corporate mission. The high-quality standard is always achieved in compliance with the strictest industry regulations, through systematic checks during all production stages up to the end product. We have a customer-oriented approach with which we intend to establish a long-term relationship for mutual benefit. We live responsibility to our customers as a stimulus to better our products by containing costs and at the same time maintaining the high quality of our products. In the special Research and Development center, unique in the Italian scene, new solutions are born that make Fumagalli products unique and inimitable.

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our company is certificate ISO 9001:2015,TUV
Fumagalli, has a strong propensity for innovation. The needs, expectations of customers and attention to the possibility of offering a product with a low environmental impact is our corporate mission. The high quality standard
You can find them in all public and private places where there are toilets. For example Malls, Airports, Hotels, Fitness Center, Fashion Site, Restaurants, Swimming pools
The best commercial destination is the United Kingdom, Ireland-Austria-Hungary-Poland-Estonia-Portugal-Czech-Republic Swiss-and so on
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