Independence desire, design and innovation passion, ambition to create beautiful pro- ducts: these are Klamoo aims.

Fine finishes create an exclusive product, 100% made in Italy and ecosustainable. Continuous evolution collections, designed to satisfy different styles and tastes. Colors, lines, patterns inspired by nature and matter, create furnishing accessories that fill spaces with an exclusive style.

Tailor made solutions for contract projects where the design phase is fundamental.

Designs graphic and chromatic adaptability allows for a
perfect harmonization with the environment, best expressing of the concept soul.

Precious coverings that furnish spaces with taste: golden and silver, for those who love elegance; vinyl, ideal for living and sleeping areas; fiberglass, to embellish the walls of shower stalls, bathrooms and kitchens.

The non-woven back of the vinyl supports allows for a quick and easy installation. The treatment undergone by the material during printing gives it a high resistance to external agents, allowing the cleaning and sanitation of the coated walls. For this reason, Klamoo products are suitable not only for domestic environments but also for commecial contexts use such as hò‚tellerie, hospitality, public places and offices.

By choosing Klamoo you will find guarantee and support of an Italian brand ready to follow you from design to product implementation.

01_Catalogue 2021




05_Vinyl and metallidez installation

06_Fiberglass installation


Currently we have not yet received any recognition as we have been on the market for a few years. However, we have become a partner for the 2021-2022 technical project of an important design academy, "The New Academy of Fine Arts", acronym NABA, is a private academy of fine arts legally recognized by the MUR, based in Milan and a second campus in Rome.
Our collections are developed internally or through collaboration with young designers from the most famous design universities in Milan. This allows us to offer designs that are always current, with different styles, offering our customers a catalog that is always in line with the trends of the moment.
Currently you can find our products on the Italian territory.
Our products are suitable for decorating: offices, public places, hotels and private homes. All those situations in which you want to embellish the environment with our style, a guarantee of Made in Italy.
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