Filippi 1971 celebrates its first fifty years of activity in 2021. Fifty years of passion and courage to innovate and renew. Vocation to offer the best interpretation of Made in Italy. Active in the furniture industry ever since its foundation, our great experience is a legacy that we enhance with attention to detail and direct control over every stage of production.
Since the beginning of the 2000s, the company has been oriented towards the RV world with three dedicated departments for finishing and laminating wood-based panels with various types of surface materials.
In 2013, Filippi 1971 introduced digital printing plotters in combination with a melamine press allowing customized decoration of panels.
Thanks to the melamine press during 2016 Filippi 1971 created an innovative and customisable compact material called VittEr used today in many design projects.
Beginning 2017, the company opened a joinery department to manufacture furniture kits for motorhomes, caravans, yachts, residential and public places. This department, thanks to the combination of cutting-edge machines and high-skilled workers can work on any kind of furniture contract.
In 2018, the company introduced an in-house R&D department aimed at developing new products and assisting customers with their technical needs. Filippi 1971 is able to combine the high quality of solid wood with high strength and durability of the composite materials like carbon fibre.
The RV sector is still the company’s core business but its activity is significantly expanding also to design furniture, marine, contract and other niche industries. Filippi 1971 offers a complete package of products ranging from laminated panels to complex finished furniture components, including a series of special products made from the combination of the most innovative materials.


Our love for quality raw materials generates VittEr, a latest-generation compact laminate with an entirely Italian supply chain, manufactured in-house in full-colour, digitally printed or wood veneer versions.
VittEr has been created for interior design for horizontal and vertical applications of furniture elements in different types of residential, hospitality, healthcare, community and home environments.
The total customization starting from the surface colour, the stratification of the heart, the finishing and the possible digital printing, make VittEr the ideal material for integrated solutions in harmonized and coordinated spaces.
VittEr is formaldehyde-free, 99.9% antibacterial, waterproof and self-extinguishing. It is resistant to scratches and the use of aggressive chemical detergents, and it is suitable for direct contact with food.

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• Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 - VittEr • ADI Design Index 2021 - VittEr Design • PEFC™ Certification - Filippi 1971 • FSC Certification – Filippi 1971 • ISO 9001 certification – Filippi 1971
Flexibility is our main feature. With all our departments for lamination, the joinery, the R&D Department and the Composite Division we can answer to any kind of enquiry for contract.
Our products are mainly all over Europe but we have also important customers in USA, Australia (with our own branch), New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Geographically expanding every year.
RV Industry is where we are mostly active with our furniture kits and components. Sail yachts and motor yachts, contract (hotels and residential) are the fields that we have approached during the last 5 years.
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