Enerlift operates in the Green Market and aims to produce the same goods offered by the market but with less energy, less impact on the environment and lower costs for families and companies.

With this in mind, Enerlift has created the EcoAlfa technology which consists of a balancing system that allows you to insert a smaller motor in the hydraulic lift than that of traditional hydraulic lifts, thus reducing energy consumption by 50%, noise emissions and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, with the same performance compared to traditional systems (range, speed and comfort), while offering high quality and safety.

The Lift equipped with EcoAlfa does not have a mechanical counterweight but counterbalances the weight of the cabin with a fluid dynamic system that acts as if it were a counterweight, this allows the elevator to reduce energy consumption, give more space and depth to the cabin, while maintaining the typical safety features of the hydraulic lift without mechanical counterweight.

EcoAlfa technology facilitates aesthetic innovation, facilitating projects with the development of sophisticated Lifts even with a panoramic cabin, with glass, marble, steel, without the need to increase the power of the Lift motor, while maintaining the same reduced power, compared to the standard of the cabin, despite the greater weight of the structure and the cabin

To give a practical example: a Lift equipped with EcoAlfa having a load capacity of 320 kg, with a cabin made of glass and other heavy materials such as marble and steel, requires an engine with a nominal power of only 2.5 kW (without recourse to batteries or mechanical counterweight) while a traditional hydraulic lift (not equipped with EcoAlfa), with the same characteristics, requires a motor with a nominal power of at least 7.7 kW.

The Lift equipped with EcoAlfa is anti-seismic and is the safest among energy-saving Lifts since in the event of an earthquake the absence of balancing masses (counterweight) totally eliminates the risk of derailment, avoiding entrapment of people inside the cabin.

EcoAlfa is an eco-innovation in harmony with the energy consumption reduction policies, providing a decisive contribution to the competitiveness and safety of supplies and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

EcoAlfa technology can be easily combined with a photovoltaic system or any other type of renewable energy system, thus reducing the energy costs of the hydraulic lift to zero.

The EcoAlfa system is also applicable to hydraulic lifts already installed in buildings, with consequent recovery of energy costs.

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The main features of our product are: attention to ecology, innovation, safety and design
Is an exclusive product in the elevator market
Residential and commercial buildings.
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