Enerbrain was founded to reduce energy consumption and deliver better air quality and thermal comfort in buildings. Enerbrain has patented a dynamic regulation system and is a company dedicated to providing better control for heating, cooling and ventilation. It also offers a system integration service which allows business insight and so supports better informed decision making and lower operational costs.
Furthermore Enerbrain can digitalise and connect energy stakeholders at urban level (smart cities). As such, our solution is also specifically targeted for Utilities, as they can resell our full energy saving platform, to increase their margins on Energy Performance Contracts, to better predict energy consumption in buildings, and to optimise demand side management. For the community the platform provides increased transparency and realtime access to energy consumption and production,
To allow this seamless integration with existing systems, we leverage IoT plug&play cloud-based solutions combined with artificial intelligence and innovative algorithms, which are patented and have won several innovation awards.
The solution deployed by Enerbrain helps to reduce CO2 emissions, therefore it can receive tax benefits and incentives from many governments globally, and to help organizations to meet their sustainability targets.
How does it work: a team of experts gathers, processes and analyses the data on the architectural, plant-engineering and energy features of each building. In practice, it provides companies with an IOT kit, with a sensor able to monitor and optimize the comfort and air quality of buildings.The installed monitoring system acquires the building’s environment and energy consumption parameters. All the data gathered is sent to the Cloud.The Cloud receives the data and creates predictive models using machine learning algorithms, preparing efficiency enhancement strategies for all energy vectors.The algorithm defines the procedure for regulating the elements in the field, to maintain the maximum comfort with the minimum energy consumption.The interface lets the customer display, analyse and download the monitoring data and set system control parameters.
The company grew from 5 to over 50 people, with a projected revenue of around 7M€ in 2021. We have several large clients in different sectors that range from large supermarkets and shopping malls airports (Ciampino Rome, Caselle Torino), industries Michelin, etc), utilities companies etc), and many others. Thanks to our unique solution we have been rewarded with the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label. Particularly, label is designed to shed light on existing Solutions that are both clean and profitable. The Label is awarded to products, services, and/or processes that combine credible environmental and economic performance, while outperforming the mainstream options in its market. We also received UE Green Deal’s Seal of Excellence in 2020, among many other awards like the Iren Startup Award, Kelag startup award, EIT Digital Challenge, etc.
In terms of IP, Enerbrain assets are divided into patents, know-how, industrial secrets and trademarks. We also proceeded to extend the patent internationally through the PCT procedure filed with number PCT/IB2017/051131 named: “Electronic device and method for control of a building management system” in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cina, Colombia, South Korea, UAE, Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, Usa e Argentina. All the algorithms and the machine learning engine is enclosed inside a dedicated cloud server with limited access only to the R&D team, this constitutes Enerbrain’s industrial secret.

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