Draco has been developing and producing technical solutions for modern construction since  1982. In over 35 years dedicated to professional preparation and on-site practice, DRACO has  cemented a great tradition of values from which to draw heavily, to offer excellence in the field of  technological solutions for construction sites and constructions. The DRACO range offers many  solutions but pursues only one goal: the achievement of absolute quality on site thanks to the  certainty of performance. 

All products are designed to express performance in construction site conditions and to make  them last over time. DRACO means assistance and advice from design to completion of the work. A flexible customer-oriented structure allows DRACO to provide not only quality products but a  service capable of making a difference. The staff, through a continuous training program, is thus  able to accompany the customer in choosing the most suitable solution to improve work on site.  The name DRACO provides a guarantee of assistance and guidance from the planning stage to  installation. 

DRACO’s flexible structure, built around customer needs, means we not only provide quality  products, but a level of service that gives us the edge. Thanks to the continued training we offer  our staff they are able to aid our clients to choose the very best solution that will enable them to  optimise their work on-site. 

DRACO is well aware of the importance of considering the environmental impact of any work  undertaken. 

That is why the company’s team of researchers is committed to building materials that reduce  environmental impact both during installation and in operation, while safeguarding the health of  those who use them. 

Compliance with the quality standard ISO 9001 and the prestige of our references means DRACO  produces materials you can really trust.

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DRACO deals with the quality management system requirements EN ISO 9001:2015. DRACO is in line with the environmental management system requirements EN ISO 14001:2015 DRACO’s products deal with the CE marking, some products has got more certifications too.
DRACO does propose high technical chemical products for the construction sector. Beyond the high technical products, DRACO’s staff offers also a technical assistance on the building site. It never leaves alone the customer.
So far you can find our products in the Croatian, Swiss, Maltese, Cypriot, Greek, Libian, and in many other European countries.
The best commercial destination for our products are the building sites in which high-technical products are requested. Moreover, apart of the high effectiveness, we do offer unique design products for commercial area, Ho.Re.Ca. houses etc.
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