The story of DMP starts from a brilliant idea that makes it simple our small daily gestures: washing your hands using little water, with the right amount of soap, to dry them in a few seconds, without wasting paper.

Ever since the first electronic tap, we have contributed to huge savings in water resources. We have always carefully chosen materials with low environmental impact and high performance, with the already achieved goal to meet the strictest standards of the most important international environmental certifications.

Since 1978 we have been constantly committed to continuous research and development of innovative and eco-sustainable solutions for the world of contract and home, improving and expanding our offer with integrated all-in-one solutions, touchless electronics and furnishings for increasingly easy installation, maintenance, cleaning and use in full respect of the environment and the individual.

The greatest value of our company is our employees, competent professionals who share our values, corporate philosophy and operational objectives. Stimulated by an ever-changing world, our engineers create smart and user-friendly systems, flanked by designers with an unmistakable style, able to merge with their creativity the function to style.

The powerful combination of these forces enables us to guarantee and maintain a constant level of quality and flexibility, with innovative solutions and a high level of customisation.



The company has the following certifications since many years: ISO 9001, CE, HACCP, ACS, IMQ, BREEAM and LEED; on request and for large quantities, we can initiate the procedure to obtain SASO (3-4 months).
Since 1978, the company has specialised in the design and manufacture of all electronic items in-house and Made in Italy. 100% of the items undergo stringent function and durability tests, proprietary moulds that facilitate the production of large quantities; long product life and resistance to limestone water, thanks to internal stainless steel components; since we are the actual manufacturers of all items, spare parts stock is always available with detailed and dedicated technical specifications.
France, Germany, England, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada.
Airports, Motorway areas, Railway stations, HoReCa, Amusement parks, Shopping centres, Public and private offices, Hospitals and private clinics.
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