Diasen is a company of excellence in Eco-sustainable Construction Materials, dedicated to the growing Green Building sector. Its core business is focused on healthy buildings and living comfort, declined through a range of insulation products and ecological coatings, which are able to meet the increasingly extensive needs of thermal, acoustic and hygrometric comfort in buildings.

Diasen products are made of inorganic and natural raw materials and provide high-performance solutions for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for the industrial and leisure sectors. The combination between international reach and deep roots in its home turf are the winning combination of a company able to ensure high levels of transparency, responsibility and sustainability. The supply chain of its raw materials and the technological level of its products are the traits that characterize the success of Diasen on the international markets.

Cork is Diasen’s differentiating factor, an element of uniqueness and the fundamental pillar of its sustainable and circular identity; Diasen uses about 10% of the cork extracted from the cork oak forests of Sardinia. It combines innovation and quality, low environmental impact and high technological content. The recycled cork is refined in our factory and used in granular form in our products, ensuring extraordinary performances:

  • the honeycomb structure of cork offers its properties of breathability, sound absorption and thermal insulation;
  • the presence of waxy substances, such as suberine, enhance elasticity, fire resistance, hydrophobic and antibacterial properties.

Research and experimentation on natural and innovative materials have been associated with Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for the majority of the products. These investments have allowed Diasen to obtain the most significant certifications and awards for its products:

  • LEED® certification, a well-known standard for green buildings, adopted by the world’s leading architects.
  • EPD certification, aiming to communicate objective, comparable, reliable information on the life cycle of products and their environmental performance; a certification that also recognises compliance with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM).

Diasen represents an original experience of SMEs, that is able to compete thanks to products with low environmental impact and a renewable and sustainable raw material such as cork. The Company is a reality involved and committed into the implementation of strategic and operational policies, inspired by the principles of circular economy, and that, through its production cycle, is close to a traditional supply chain and an ecosystem, whose protection and maintenance it contributes to.

01. Diasen – Company Profile
02. Diasen – Brochure Decork (cork-based decorative coating)
03. Diasen – Brochure Decorkrete (microcement decorative coating)
04. Diasen – Brochure Diathonite_Evolution (thermal insulation)
05. Diasen – Brochure Diathonite Acoustix+ (acoustic insulation)
06. Diasen – Brochure Diathonite Deumix+ (dehumidification plaster)
07. Daisen – Brochure Diathonite Screed (thermal & acoustic screed)
08. Diasen – Brochure Diathonite Thermactive (thermal insulation EIFS)
09. Diasen – Brochure WATstop (damp-proofing_waterproofing)
10. Diasen – Brochure Diathonite Sismactive (structural reinforcement for seismic areas)
11. Diasen – Brochure Waterproofing Solutions
12. Diasen – Brochure Sport_Flooring_Solutions


To us, transparency is virtue. Diasen is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; it is a BCorp® and a Benefit Corporation; all our products are CE and UKCA certified, many have been LCA, EPD and LEED certified.
Sustainable and eco-friendly cork-based solutions. Diasen pays attention in designing products that increase wellbeing and living comfort. We care about value redistribution, to both environment and community. A strong appreciation of all our stakeholders characterizes our decisions and services.
Diasen exports its products in all five continents. Our construction products are recognized as highly performing in all countries, with highest sales in Portugal and Italy, China, Australia, USA and United Arab Emirates.
Diasen manufactures products used for final uses in the residential, industrial and commercial construction segments. The company's core business is residential construction, where there is a greater awareness of sustainable and comfort-oriented solutions.
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