DI IORIO CUCINE was born in Villamagna, in the lovely valley of the Foro river also known as “valle degli orti”. The activity is carried out on an industrial area of about 16,000 square meters. 6,000 of which are covered plus a building for offices and permanent exhibition; the employees it is composed of are highly specialized units. Today the company manufactures medium-high quality kitchens without abandoning the economic line which is deeply taken into consideration. The availability of sophisticated computerized equipment allows the production of highly customized compositions that meet all the demands and needs, all in a very short time.


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1) At the moment ourcompany haven’t any awards or certifications
2) Quality, Innovation and tradition are the most important features of our company
3) Our company sells both in all the national territory, and abroad. We sell in Europe (Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Malta, Ibiza, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Corsica, Bulgaria, Belgium, Russia) and in the UK, America, Canada, the North Africa.
4) Di Iorio Cucine gives shape to projects that improve everyday life by enhancing functionality. The representation is expressed with the enhancement of the project. The transition from conventional configurations to versatile configurations makes it possible to overcome the idea of a "model" to create innovative aesthetics, in which the relationship between form and function is interpreted as exceeding standards.
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AddressVIA VAL DI FORO 113, 66010, VILLAMAGNA (CH)

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