Sorelle Cosi was founded in 1992 in Surano (Lecce, ITALY), where the
headquarters of our company are located.
During the years our company achieved great successes, thanks to the skilled
technicians, the expert sculptors, the hi-tech laboratory, the exclusive materials and
the service of excellent quality we provide. Our production has been very successful
even outside Italy and, in particular, in France, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and
Russia where it’s particularly appreciated.
The artistic portfolio of Sorelle Cosi’s production is very heterogeneous, ranging
from the most ordinary processes, such as slabs, flooring and stairs, to the most
elaborate projects as inlays, fireplaces, columns, sculptures and furniture. 

Sorelle Cosi provide expertise and quality in the art of the marble inlay
and decoration, using the best and exclusive materials, selected by us directly
in the most renowned national and foreign marble and granite quarries. We offer a
professional, punctual and outstanding service with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Every project is customizable in all aspects to suit all desires, closely monitored in all
steps: from the design to the selection of the most suitable material, from the
creation of executive drawings to the cut, the installation and the future
maintenance, always in collaboration with the customer.
Our laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the-art machinery that allows high-
precision processing; we also leverage excellent artists and skilled craftsmen’s
irreplaceable contributions, with long experience in this specific sector.
Interior designers, architects and designers of our technical office are available to
satisfy any customer’s need and to allow the execution of special, made-to-measure
and custom-made projects.


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The company has received the award “Premio Miggiano” on 12 October 2006
We offer expertise and quality in the art of the marble inlay and decoration, providing a professional and high-quality service with an excellent quality-price ratio, thanks to our skilled technical office and our hi-tech laboratory
Our products can be found not only in the European market, but also in Russia and South Korea.
The national and international markets are the best commercial destinations for our products, with particular attention to Arab countries.
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AddressVIA S.S. 275 KM 13,300 26 73030 SURANO LE

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