COLORIFICIO MARMOPLAST, with over 60 years of activity, is a family-run company whose production is entirely made in Italy. The company – founded in 1957 – initially specialized in the production of cement artifacts, takes its name from a special innovative patented product for floor covering –  the MARMOPLAST – composed of Carrara marble chips mixed together with a polyester resin binder and colored pigments. Pouring this compound into special moulds the company has created a type of floor covering which was in appearance very similar to the typical marble grit concrete tiles in vogue at the time, but much lighter and easy to install.

On the input of market demand, Colorificio Marmoplast has been able to evolve over the years, adding to its production water-based paints for outdoor and indoor, primers, plasters, decorative products, resin-based protective for wood, glass and stone.

Through the time the company has preserved and enhanced its best features and at the same time has evolved with particular attention to technological research and to changing trends in the architectural and decorative field, in order to offer to its customers increasingly more performing innovative products.

Today, with the brand progettomateria ®, Colorificio Marmoplast is a reference point for the formulation, production and distribution of a vast range of solutions characterized by an extensive customisation:

A complete line of epoxy or polyurethane resin coatings with high performances for Industrial flooring, swimming pools and wellness centres.

Hi-tech, extremely effective liquid waterproof coatings used for the protection of surfaces against infiltrations giving them an appreciable aesthetic appearance without removing the pre-existing layers.

A complete range of products for the protection of external facades eroded by atmospheric agents and products for the coating and the indoor decoration.

A totally customizable water-based micro-resin for decorating floors, walls and furnishings (indoors and outdoors) with the final effect of a continuous surface without joints, aimed at responding to the new needs of designers and final customers who are more and more attentive to contemporary design, customization and sustainability.

All Colorificio Marmoplast products are born from the fruitful dialogue with applicators, construction site managers, designers and customers. All of them helped, through their unique necessities, to improve the products, but also to identify new needs.
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All our products are CE certified and comply with the parameters of the European Directive 2004/42/EC (implemented by Legislative Decree no. 161/2006) which provides for limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment.
The warmth of the family, the production of high-performing solutions entirely made in Italy, the innovative spirit with a special focus on technological research and the great attention to the needs of the clients.
Mainly in Italy. We export in small quantities to European countries.
- residential buildings - commercial buildings - office buildings - buildings for institutional care - hospitality buildings - educational buildings - industrial buildings - public utility buildings - warehouses - agricultural buildings and livestock shelters.
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