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Ideal partner for contract division
Cianciullo Marmi gives shape to ideas with a special attention to the needs of the client and project-related requirements. Always searching for the latest, purest material to ensure the best quality, we are best partners for clients and designers and we show experience in all our works and projects. Thanks to our long-term experience and our skilled and highly trained technicians, completely focused on clients’ expectations, Cianciullo Marmi gives life to High-quality selection of material, making every customer’s wish comes true.

Made in Italy
Cianciullo Marmi guarantees its  Made in Italy production chain with local experience. The whole production is strictly controlled and valued before our products leave the factory, in order to reach quality standards of excellence and ensure a significant presence in international markets. Cianciullo Marmi has been able to maintain and enhance their roots on handicraft production combining long-term experience with a never-ending research in innovation and technology. The result  brings the marble to its maximum expression.

How We Work
The constant checking of the correct execution of each stage of the production process, along with a thorough final check on the finished product, make each result a quality product that is durable over time. Our production philosophy has always been founded on the concept of quality: not only high production standards, but also on punctual before and after-sales services. We believe that the inherent quality of every product must to be accompanied by a high level of sales and assistance services: within the company you will find a group of serious professionals at your disposal, able to advise and assist the customer competently and cordially during each stage till the installation.

Best Practices
Carnival Center for the Performing Arts, Miami (USA) – Arch. Anna Valentina Murch
Towers in Naples’ business – Arch. Prof. Nicola Pagliara
Mall Warner Bross, Patras (Greece)
Bryant Park Hotel, New York (USA), Arch. David Chipperfield
5 stars hotel, Agadir (Morocco)
5 stars hotel, Madrid (Spain) and many other international achievements.
The Cianciullo Marmi is a historical company that has more than one hundred years of activity in the processing of marble and natural stones.
The current owners, Paola and Massimo Cianciullo, have inherited the ancient “craft” by the skilled hands of their great-grandfather, refined sculptor of the late nineteenth century.
The two generations that have followed have radically transformed the old “workshop” creating an industry and a thriving business starting from Italy and then throughout the world.
Traces of this path we can find in New Jersey, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Madrid, Bilbao, Cadiz, N’Djamena, Riyadh, Patras and many other places with a presence in the hotel industry, residential and office public and private.

 Competitive Advantage
Our company stands in the market for:
– The direct control of the internal vertical chain that ensures high quality standards with careful attention to detail, both in the pre-sales phase in the post-sales phase.
– The wide range of products in their specificities such as marble, granite, travertine, stone and onyx.

Our Vision
Analysis of people’s tastes and needs represents the wealth on which we base the design of each product. We are driven by our commitment to continuous improvement, seeking innovative solutions with high aesthetic quality.

The company possesses an intrinsic artisan vocation, which means that it places great importance on processes, design innovation and stylistic choices, as well as on research and the selection of materials, ensuring that they prove reliable and durable over time.

Our Mission
Gain greater presence in the international market through local expertise.

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