Carretta Tranciati was founded in 1982 by Carretta Giuseppe, who with his son Domenico has the goal to create a small warehouse of veneers for the supply of carpentry, present in large numbers in the surrounding area.

In 1992 the company was taken over by his son Domenico who quickly strengthened it, expanding the sale to most important companies, but above all it expands its customer service with a splicing department, which has proved itself immediately very interesting with good feedback from the related industries.

The relationship with important industrial customers in the area is quickly consolidated and Carretta Tranciati becomes a point of reference in the natural and jointed veneer sector.

Over the following years, collaborations, still ongoing, for the production and distribution of natural and precomposed veneers were started, obtaining good results.

Following the trend of the markets, the company has divided its business between the trade of natural, precomposed veneers and the splicing department, remaining in fact the reference competitor in the area.

Our target ranks as medium-high, suitable for carpentry, furniture industries, doors, and contract hotels.

We specialize in the research and testing of veneers for all types of wood, at the specific request of the customer.

Since 2019 the Carretta Domenico company has expanded the range of products by including the marketing of poplar and raw beech plywood panels, MDF panels, raw and melamine chipboard panels, poplar and beech veneer.

Also in 2019, the Carretta Domenico company created a production of fir blockboard core panels, located in Ukraine, and sells throughout Europe.






Our company has no awards or certifications. We can provide FSC certification for some materials, where required, provided it is available in the requested product.
The most important features are: the broad knowledge of the sector, which allows us to recover many products inherent to the sector. Possibility of supplying both natural veneer, precomposed veneer, Flex veneer (for particular uses) panels of various types, or supply of semi-finished material, for productions.
Our main current market is in Italy, currently we also sell, both in Europe and in some Extra-European countries, our product is in demand in all parts of the world where furniture, doors and supplies for hotel furnishings in general are produced. We are better prepared for European Woods. The product we deal generally requires direct contact with the customer, to find the correct information on the material that the customer himself needs. Example, type of wood, technical and aesthetic characteristics.
Our products are intended for use in industrial and artisanal production, therefore the ideal companies are: Furniture Industries, Carpentry, Manufacturers of interior doors medium-high level, manufacturers of kitchens and supplies for interior furnishings such as Home-Hotel-Shops.
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