In 1990, Marco Bellani founded Carpanese Home Italia, a family business with the goal to create the most luxurious interior furniture using only the best materials available combining traditional constructing method and innovating design, thanks also to the research of new materials. This contrast is possible thanks to the vision of Marco Bellani, who wanted to preserve the traditional techniques of construction, but also wanted to keep improving and find new ways to create timeless pieces.

The company is based in the heart of furniture district in Northern Italy, near Verona. Every piece is Hand-made in Italy, using only the best Italian materials, which are selected and tested to meet our high standards of quality.
For all these reasons we can provide “100% Made in Italy Certificate”.

Every our collection is designed in Italy by masters of tradition with the only goal: to be different and be special.
We don’t sell only furniture, we sell a philosophy of living.
We decided to produce not only furniture, but also Lights, Boiserie, Wallpapers, Carpets, Doors, everything to create a complete package.

Quality is one of our main goals and, to reach the high standard that we fix for ourselves, we pay attention not only to the techniques used to build every piece, but also to the materials used.
The key words are “Selection” and “Control”.

Every component is tested for strength, durability and quality. Every piece of wood, fabric, leather or nebbuk needs to pass a very strict selection.
Every piece is controlled before, during and after production and

needs to match company’s quality standards.

The main idea is not to sell single material pieces, but to give our customers a living experience, a all new concept of atmosphere created by beautiful Italian taste and passion for what we do. Our main priority is customer satisfaction and it is the main reason why we introduced our “Tailor Made” program. The client can choose from our great range of finishing, fabrics, leathers and nebbuk. We can also modify or change our items accordingly with the demands of our clients, changing dimensions, creating new special finishing that suites their taste, finding different materials or fabrics.
The only limit is only customer imagination.

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We provide Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Origin. We have the Italian Certificate of Quality and we also won the Archiproducts Design Awards with our IMPERIAL Table.
The most important features are: 100% Made in Italy, no limits for customizations, use of only top quality materials, 360 degrees service.
We work worldwide, so our products can be found in every market.
There isn’t a specific market for our products.
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