C.M.C PREFABBRICATI s.r.l. is a high quality industrial handicraft company that has a long history to tell. A story of continuous innovation that is expressed today in its products in which Italian design and architecture meet. It creates prefabricated buildings in concrete or lightened concrete for different uses and with sizes ranging from 3 to 2000 square meters and over.
It has many fields of application: bathing establishments, bungalows and facilities for campsites, schools, homes, offices, emergency housing facilities, changing rooms and recreational environments for spor ts centers, public toilets, kiosks and more



Synonymous with maximum flexibility, it collects the classic production of the company.
This is the line that produces prefabricated walls and components for the realization of turnkey projects.
The line is able to satisfy every formal and functional requirement of the customer, providing constructive skills, technical skills and a vast specific experience in the various areas of intervention of the company.
The tailor-made creations fully meet the most stringent standards and offer excellent functional performance.
Buildings built on a project with high performance from an energy point of view, meeting the requirements of the highest resistance class and long life.

Architectural Design

It is the new line born with the C.M.C.2.0 brand, with which the company has highlighted its capacity for innovation.
It is a collection of prefabricated artifacts resulting from the serial planning of design and attention to every detail typical of quality architecture, capable of adapting to different metropolitan and suburban uses.
The materials used for the structural part are reinforced concrete or lightened reinforced concrete.
For accessories and finishes, a wide range of solutions is made available to the customer, materials already selected to quickly guarantee an excellent formal and functional result.

C.M.C.2.0 Urban

C.M.C.2.0 products comply with the EU's New Directives (CE Mark), guarantee of compliance with the strict quality and safety standards imposed by the EU  CMC is accredited by all public institutions as a specialized company for its production sector (SOA-certificate of qualification for the execution of public works)  ISO 9001 - CMC organizes its internal manufacturing processes according to the ISO protocol, international certification for the quality of business processes.
History: the first characteristic is the long history of the company, a guarantee of passion and great technical competence but also of culture capable of combining tradition and innovation  Versatility: CMC works in many different areas, with the ability to decline its products and skills to every single situation in order to give always its customers the most appropriate answer.  Craftsmanship: industrial products made with craftsmanship; we have defined this process of attention to detail typical of design applied to our architectural creations as "architectural design".
Our products are appreciated in the European market, mainly in Italy, France and Switzerland and occasionally also in other countries of the world
Our target market is quite large and diversified, our typical customers are: municipalities, tourism operators, beaches, industries, sports facilities, schools and more ...
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