Betelgeuse Studio is an architecture studio born in 2014 by the Italian architect Gaia Grossi to communicate through the light her passion for the beauty and elegance.

The creative expression of Betelgeuse Lamps is focused on finding the ”Made inItaly” details with a consequent logic application of the materials used where the skilful work of different artisans make a fusion of classic style and a contemporary one possible. Each lamps are designed with passion and precision, strive to find harmony within the form to create with a patient and poetic composition between beauty and craft. Our philosophy is to offer unique, exclusive pieces in a Limited edition. Every parts of the lamps, from the base to the stem, from the lampshade to the turning on, are customizable according on the personal taste and the setting they are intended for.  Each lamp is accompanied by a guarantee certificate marked with sealing wax, its serial number and a scratchproof skin sub-base with the logo embossed on it. The Studio where the Betelgeuse Lamps are created and assembled is located in Rome inside the famous former pasta factory “CERERE” in the historic district of San Lorenzo.


The Architect Gaia Grossi, creator of Betelgeuse Studio, was the architect behind the first Italian Analytical Reorganization Plan of Territorial Electromagnetic Emissions. Her work led her to collaborate to develop the first Italian Building Regulations based on principles of green building. After winning the International Ideas Competition for a new cross-functional bridge in Rome she start to design the Betelgeuse Lamps collection, also known as “The Jewel Lamps”. The Betelgeuse lamps are currently exhibited in Vevey (Switzerland) at the L& C Tirelli gallery.
The Betelgeuse Lamps represent the most creative expression of the Luxury Made in Italy. Our philosophy is to create unique and exclusive pieces, completely customizable. Each component of the Betelgeuse lamps is made with materials of the highest quality like marble, steel, brass, leather, silk, etc.
The Betelgeuse Lamps are exported in Switzerland, America and United Kingdom.
Every place where the luxury and the quality of made in Italy are appreciated like United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Countries.
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