Baraldi is one of the well-known kitchen appliances manufacturer ‘Made in Italy’, with long tradition of design and quality. The company has an innovative approach to adapt the products to different markets and export in more than 30 countries. It is the 1st European company in cooker hoods at 12V for Recreational vehicle.

The production includes air sanitizers and purifiers with NTP plasma technology, induction hobs also with extraction integrated and many kinds of cooker hoods, from the ceiling version to the wall or island till the removable motors for internal or external applications.

The goal of the company is to realize high, attractive and exclusive new design for kitchen appliances with innovative functions for cooker hoods and induction hobs. The projects in process are focus on new materials and technology for the next models with lowest possible impact of the products on their total cycle of life in terms of energy for production, use and recycling. Soon will be presented unexpected products for the new generation of consumers.

The range proposed has some exclusive technologies: integrated air purification for some models, anti-condensation heating system on new products, international patent for opening hobs with extraction.

01 Baraldi Catalogue 2021 ita-eng
02 Baraldi Catalogue Airò Purifier ita-eng
03 AirO’ by Baraldi english adv
04 Baraldi ADV for LUXOR line 2022


Baraldi has received honorable mention at XXVI edition of Design award Compasso D'oro for its Diamond induction hob with integrated hood. The company works under CE, UL, KC certification.
Design, quality and tradition for producing its appliances in Italy since 1965 with developing more than 20 new projects every year. Flexibility and customization as its core mission.
75% of the production is for export in more or less all european countries, in United states, in some part of Asia and Australia
The main market remains Italy but the importers and dealers in several countries are increasing and are the goal of the company for next years.
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