Crystal Stone® is a brand 100% made in Italy, who supplies furniture and wall decorative panels made with Crystal Stone® which is a unique stone in the world. The Company Ballarini Srl owns the Crystal Stone® quarry, unique quarry in the world, since XIX Century. It is located in Italy close to the Adriatic Coast, near Rimini. The excavation of the Crystal Stone® as decorative use is carried out from Ballarini’s family since 1966.

Crystal Stone® is a unique kind of alabaster stone characterized by macro crystalline structure with beautiful large crystals, creating in an intimate framework which confers to the stone translucency and compactness. Its translucent property is rare among stones and effective in exalting their nature. Aggregates of crystals are the best and of the most translucent quality.

This rare and unique stone, particularly appreciated for its pearly and silvery reflections, brightness and versatility of use, is ideal for furniture and for interior decorative walls in luxury ambiences.

The production is 100% made in Italy. All the supplies are hand made by artisans, respecting traditional methods, still combining with a highly specialized innovative techinique. Crystal Stone® is able to provide the possibility of a customized furniture to the specific needs of the customer.

Crystal Stone® tops are made, through a special processing technique, with the combination of stone and glass. This particular manufacturing process represents an added value, as the presence of glass on the surface guarantees high levels of resistance and enhances the brightness of the crystals. In fact, thanks to the transparencies and the reflections typical of the material, glass has proved to be a perfect partner for Crystal Stone® as it maximizes its properties.

The highly specialized technique therefore consists in protecting the stone with a crystal glass, to guarantee a very high resistance and the best possible brilliance, enhancing the qualities of the stone to its maximum.

With its translucent property rare among stones, Crystal Stone® can be used with wonderful chromatic effects for interior stone wall decorations.

Crystal Stone®’s natural color is silver grey. It may be supplied into a large range of colors, still maintaining brightness and glossiness of the stone. Attached is our catalogue and sample case color chart.

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The Company has the Brand Crystal Stone registered in Italy as a Brand. In 2018 during Salone del Mobile Fair one table design has been chosen for the Archiproducts design selection.
The furniture and panels are made with unique stone in the world Crystal Stone®, located in Italy, owned by the Company Ballarini. Crystal Stone® is 100% made in Italy, starting from the material, through the design and the craftsmanship. The Company has a family tradition of artisans. The transmission of the knowhow, the working skills and the uniqueness are its most important values
Crystal Stone® furniture is displayed in more than six showrooms in Hong Kong, then in many showrooms in Shanghai, Singapore, Hanoi, Myanmar, Fukuoka in Japan, Colorado, Kolkata. Moreover, many private projects for wall decorations has been carried out in Hong Kong, Doha, Greek, Shanghai, Tokyo.
Crystal Stone® furniture find its best destination in luxury ambiences, whether they are private villas or luxury hotels. The best commercial destination are furniture stores who supplies luxury and made in Italy articles. Regarding the wall decoration panels, Crystal Stone® is best placed in retailers showrooms of decorative materials for coverings and home furnishings, where architectural firms and interior designers can bring their customers.
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