1949 – 1983
The 50’s.  For the first 20 years the company founded by Adriano Minotti deals with producing furniture, doors and windows. In the 60’s Adriano decides to concentrate solely on modern kitchens, based on the classic American model. 1973 International Ercole d’Oro award – 1973 EuroPremio for the technology of  furniture – 1975 the recognition of the Province of Verona arrives. In 1976 Adriano Minotti  receives a  nomination as  Cavaliere del Lavoro (knight of the job) and then  in 1983 and 1987, a new recognition of the Province of Verona follows  as well as  the conferment of the honour of an officer.

1999 – 2014
In the 90’s, Adriano passes the baton of business management to his son Alberto, who promotes a strong change towards the minimalist style and leads the brand to become synonymous with high-level design.  In  2000 the Atelier model receives the Mebel Moscow award, in 2005 Terra, the first kitchen with stone doors and worktop is born.  In 2007 the company wins the ambitious Wallpaper Design awards and the regional Marco Polo award.

2014 – 2018
In  2014 Asso spa acquires the company, the guide, the production and the design of Minotticucine.  A mission that continues under the artistic direction of designer Alberto Minotti.  2018 marks a new milestone: Minotticucine  decides to go beyond the stone kitchen market, inserting  cast bronze, glass and silk into the kitchen.The Terra  kitchen in cast bronze, designed by Claudio Silvestrin, is awarded  with the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom award in London.

visual silence
silence for the eye, peace for the spirit this is the design philosophy of minotticucine. philosophy, not style, because for us the design, above all else, is continuous research and an existential journey. we propose a real way of life free from the excess and the superfluous. surrounded by the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, the minotti way is the constant pursuit of silence. a silence for the eye to free the mind, enhance spirituality and put the human at the center of the architectural project. in our vocabulary, void loses its negative connotation: it is not perceived as an absence or lack, but rather represents a pause, a moment of reflection in which to transcend the rampant materialism and leave room for inner reflection. all this results in a precise process of subtraction, applied to the entire home environment. the living space is primordial, without any addition and stripped from everything that distracts the eye and blurs the view. the pure and elementary shapes of our products are the result of this process. everything is minimized as if to deny human intervention on the elements: the handles, skirtings, faucets and all those ostentatious details typical of traditional design disappear, while the use of colors and materials becomes rigorous and uncompromising. in this way we create monolithic, ‘monochromatic’ and ‘mono-material’ volumes that, in their quiet abstraction and sculptural presence, do not give up being everyday objects while concealing all functional elements from the view. our ambition is to create poetry without sacrificing the principles of rationality and functionality that are the foundations of design and industrial culture. stone, wood, metal, water and fire are the custodians of the desire to freeze time. the extreme simplicity, combined with the use of natural materials are a challenge to the dizzying succession of passing fads and trends. natural materials have the ability to age nicely, adopting the patina of time which enhances the charm and aesthetic value; setting the time in archaic forms, we strive to make our products eternal. the minotticucine microcosm is free of excess furniture and objects, redundant materials and colors. it rediscovers the spiritual value of the void, the infinite poetry of light, the strength of the material and the power of natural elements. not a sterile and impersonal place but a place capable of amplifying the soul, in which the neutrality of the design surrenders the floor to the material and is center stage to its inhabitants. the design leaves room for life. the individual returns to being the true protagonist of the domestic space, for too long overgrown and choked by a multitude of useless objects, born from the culture of rampant consumerism. whoever chooses minotticucine, not only acquires objects but embraces a way of life, of seeing and interacting with the world, in a concept of customization that interprets personality to its essence.

Welcome to ASSO GROUP
We wish to welcome you to the ASSO GROUP world, a business reality operating in the Verona territory for almost thirty years. The GROUP started its activity as ASSO Spa, specializing in the production of high level furniture and contract solutions, especially in the retail sector.
ASSO Spa was established in 1988 and for almost thirty years has been operating in the shop fitting industry, manufacturing and selling furniture for retail stores. Deeply rooted in the territory, its beating heart is located in the Valpolicella district, in the surroundings of Verona, where the company has its main headquarters with administration offices, production units, warehouse and showrooms. From the beginning of its activity until now ASSO Spa has focused on continuous innovation and has specialized in all types of furniture, from single brand shop-in-shops to superstores and turnkey solutions. Operating as general contractor ASSO follows every single step of the retail store realization. Among the loyal customers regularly relying on ASSO Spa for shop fitting and for the realization of retail chains there are important companies such as Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Benetton, Sisley, Guess, Cinti Group, Adidas. Deliveries are made all around the world, from Europe to the United States and the Far East. With a view on continuous innovation ASSO has started a development program based on a new product for the realization of customized furnishings in HPL laminate for working places, sanitary and fitness environments characterized by high inflow of people, being this product particularly suitable to meet hygiene and cleanness requirements.
The Company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Strong point of the Company is the Technical-Design Department with thirty years of experience in the specific sector of HPL laminate, which, combined with the well tested Company organization, can meet the customer requirements, offering new technologies and innovative design.
Giovanni Venturini, president and CEO, and his associate as well as vice president Vittorio Zardini, represent the backbone of the company whose strength is given by the contribution made daily by the two families. The holder’s sons and daughters follow the different aspects of the business resulting determinants for the ordinary operations:

  • Marcella Venturini, management control, finance and human resources
  • Monica Venturini, sales and marketing
  • Stefano Venturini, operations and production
  • Alice Zardini, administration
  • Andrea Zardini, purchasing and logistic

ASSO has opened up its doors to the world of design, acquiring two historical brands of the Made in Italy, firstly MAISTRI and then minotticucine. There are many similarities between the two companies: both were established in Valpolicella in the second half of the 40s, both manufacture top quality kitchens, based on design, research and skilled manufacturing art, characteristics of excellence that have always distinguished the best Italian companies in the national market and abroad. Today both companies operate together in the ASSO GROUP, that can ensure them a high level market position. An investment against the crisis and for the future, the words of Giovanni Venturini: “In a certainly not easy period for the business world and particularly for the furnishing sector we have chosen to stay ahead of the game, widening and diversifying our  production. Firstly we acquired Maistri, which, thanks to our intervention, has had the possibility to continue its activity on the territory, so that more than half of the employees could keep their jobs”, explains Giovanni Venturini, President of the ASSO GROUP. “And subsequently we acquired minotticucine. In both cases we have not only incorporated the brand, but we have cared to include the two companies together with their tradition, background and culture, as well as the staff.  We did this in order to give to these important businesses a future within the entrepreneurial and social fabric of the Verona and the Valpolicella district, where they were created and developed. After all ASSO is a large family-run enterprise, its strength comes from the children and from the workers.  At today’s date we have about hundred employees. Our recent investments have been made especially for the next generations and for the future”.
In 2012 ASSO GROUP approached the kitchen sector through the takeover of MAISTRI, an historical industrial reality, to which ASSO is giving new life in Italy and abroad. The brand has been relaunched and repositioned, now addressing to a medium-high target. Key concepts such as functionality, quality, Made in Italy and research of new materials inspire the design and the production of the new MAISTRI models. In 2012 at the time of the acquisition MAISTRI handled more than hundred kitchen furniture programs, developed during more than half a century. What moves the company’s mission is the constant innovation of lines, materials and models through the continuous experimentation of furnishing programs, ranging from the kitchen, on which the production is focused, to reach other areas, such as the living. Thanks to ASSO, MAISTRI has inherited an important background of history, industrial skill and product culture. Today the brand is setting on a medium-high level target. Key concepts such as functionality, quality, Made in Italy, address the design and the production of the new MAISTRI models.
The takeover of minotticucine dates back to August 2014. Worldwide reference point for the design, brand characterized by minimalism, global icon for luxury kitchens. Within the ASSO space of 50.000 square meters, of which 25 thousand covered, is set up a minotticucine emotional-exhibition space.
The production aims to safeguard the originality of minotticucine brand, synonymous of top quality Made in Italy furniture. ASSO business project foresees radical commercial restructuring both in Italy and especially abroad, while focusing on preserving the brand which in recent years was subject to numerous imitation attempts. Alberto Minotti is the Company’s designer and continues to transmit and impress its own style in the new models. minotticucine is in fact the worldwide reference in the kitchen design, thanks to its philosophy based on the values of the “visual silence”, the objectivity of beauty and fashion beyond fashions. minotticucine has always focused on the essentiality of its own expression, leaving no space for the superfluous. The evolution of the product is bond to subtraction and reaches the highest levels when it comes to minimalism within the world of kitchens.
The showroom minotticucinemilano organized on two floors, designed and arranged in order to instil, through a multisensorial itinerary, the spirit of the company’s philosophy, is a stone’s throw from the Duomo of Milan in Via Larga. minotticucine is based in San Pietro in Cariano, in the province of Verona. Not far the headquarters is locate the Church of San Giorgio. It is in a closeby little borough of early Christian origin has been source of inspiration for minotticucine. Its peculiar aspect evokes three main concepts: a majestic, mono- chrome and –material ethos. The walls and floors of this sacred building are made up of large stone slabs coming from this area: the Lessinia white stone. Its pure volumes are emphasized by the natural light filtering from the few, long and narrow openings. At first the inside is apparently dark, but once the visitor’s eyes get used to this half-light, it’s unavoidable to perceive “the visual silence and spiritual peace”. The majesty of San Giorgio church, whose main expression is the massive and vertical presence of the bell tower, has inspired minotticucine to design thick volumes. Moreover, the surrounding areas of minotticucine have always been recognized as those where stone is treated and cut. The local culture traditionally relied on the wisdom and high quality of crafty masters. Since the 60s and 70s minotticucine has designed kitchens with stone worktops and then with stone sinks following an antique tradition. a further evolution has been designing stone fronts, thus reaching a horizontal and vertical material uniqueness. A further valuable aspect of minotticucine is its custom-made approach: each project is unique, designed and manufactured to satisfy every single and exclusive need. These characteristics have meant that minotticucine brand is recognized as a luxury brand not only in Italy but also all over the world.

minotticucine marketing pictures
minotticucine presentation 2021
minotticucine brand identity

Clear vision and targets Creating short-term goals as well High level work and product Any kitchen is pre-fitted in our factory before packing and shipping Customer can check his kitchen when it is ready Skill development Knowing our customers and their needs Willing to change Financially prepared and solid
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