Aquatechnik produces and distributes sanitary, heating, air conditioning and compressed air pipe work systems for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

The production site works in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards since the early 1990s and in full respect of the environment according to ISO 14001 Standards.

The manufacturing facilities, located in Magnago (MI), comprises several departments serving a variety of processes: injection moulding, extrusion and pipe coating, PUR foam and assembly of special fittings (manifolds). The production facility is supported by a technical department responsible for developing the tools and equipment required to process the various systems.

The company is completed by Laboratories and a Research Centre which, along with a high level of automation, ensure high qualitative and productive standards. The main warehouse which is located adjacent to the manufacturing facility, allows fast and efficient distribution of products to our World Wide network of distributors. Dedicated Aquatechnik personnel and specialist local distributors, provide a complete sales and after-sales service.

We hold meetings to installers and designers in our Training Centres with an annual calendar, with the aim of raising awareness about the new technologies, the range of our products and give useful guideline for the proper design and installation of our systems. On such occasions, it is possible to visit the company with particular attention to the production departments and the Research Center.

Direct and personal knowledge is important for us in order to establish a close contact between the users and the different technical staff of the company. Our Training Center in Busto Arsizio is accredited according to ISO 9001 for education and training activities: we therefore operate according to standardized and controlled procedures.

The company is committed to innovation and product development, and has over time, developed a comprehensive and complete offering of pipe systems, components, special fittings and equipment that can meet the most varied requirements for pipe work installations.

Today, Aquatechnik can boast thousands of systems installed thanks to the approvals obtained from certification institutes world-wide, which rank it among the leading companies in Europe and the world.

01 Company Profile

02 Fusio-technik system, PP-R pipes and fittings

03 Safety system, multilayer pipes with PPSU fittings

04 Iso-technik system, preinsulated pipes and fittings

05 Distribution Group in PP-R

06 White Oxidation Resistance

The company is being working according to excellent quality standards in compliance with the ISO 9001 and in full respect of the environment according to ISO 14001 Standards. Our products have obtained approvals by the most important Certification Institutes.
Aquatechnik is founded on a great goal: “distributing, building and developing innovative products that can simplify applications, ensure maximum safety in the installations and contribute to energy savings respecting environmental sustainability.”
Our products are made in Italy and distributed all over the world. We have a branch in Canada and a logistics centre in Germany and Spain. Our sales network extends far beyond Europe with the help of Exclusive Distributors.
We sell exclusively to resellers of plumbing and heating materials for civil and industrial installations: our end-users are large-medium-small installation companies.
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